Discovery of Method (10 books)

Series: Discovery of Method
수법의 발견
Author/Editor: Mun Yong-chik (문용직)
Publisher: Dasan Books
Published: 2005
ISBN: 89-7110-289-6 (series)
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: KRW7000 each

[I would like to thank Kirby from for helping me to translate the titles of this series. Without his help it would not have been possible for me to publish this post with English titles.]

Title: Vol 1 – Sharp Haengma
날 붙이기
ISBN: 89-7110-290-X
Kirby says that this title is very hard to explain as the book created the term itself. The basic idea is a sharp move/attachment/haengma. There’s an interview (in Korean) with the author here where he tries to explain the concept.

Title: Vol 2 – Moves of Great Power and Indirect Moves
여유수와 비낀수
ISBN: 89-7110-291-8
Another really tough title to translate. I just used the one Kirby provided. There is some Chinese characters in the book for 여유수 (餘裕手) which seems to be about abundant aji. A Chinese source translated the second part as something like 逼紧手 so it seems to be about tightness and checking extension. In other words the book seems to be about the concepts of waiting versus tightening.

Title: Vol 3 – There is a Method in Slowing Down
늦 추는데 길이 있다
ISBN: 89-7110-292-6

Title: Vol 4 – Finding a Way Outside
밖에서 길을 찾다
ISBN: 89-7110-293-4

Title: Vol 5 – Clever Moves of Auto-atari
자충의 묘
ISBN: 89-7110-294-2
The book “Contemporary Go Terms” shows Jachung (자충) as equivalent to self-atari (damezumari).

Title: Vol 6 – Cleverness of the Hane
젖힘의 묘
ISBN: 89-7110-295-0

Title: Vol 7 – Down to a Space
아래로 한칸
ISBN: 89-7110-296-9
It looks like it’s talking about how to think about invasions and reductions but seems like on a more global scale than just locally.

Title: Vol 8 – Picking up the Moon from the Creek
개울에서 달건지기
ISBN: 89-7110-297-7
Kirby says this may mean something like “getting something great from something not so great”. Looking at the diagrams in the book, it looks like it has to do with “under the stone” problems.

Title: Vol 9 – Where the Split Line Segments Meet
线分이 만나는 자리
ISBN: 89-7110-298-5
Looks like it’s about managing and development of clashing moyos.

Title: Vol 10 – Cleverness of the Empty Triangle
빈 三角의 묘
ISBN: 89-7110-299-3
You remember when you were learning go, people always told you to avoid empty triangles as they are usually bad? This book is about when an empty triangle is actually the right move.

This series of technique books is probably aimed at advanced dan or pro levels. From my perspective as a SDK, they are very high level material which will provide dans with a lot of concepts to think about. Even translating the titles has been a difficult task.


About the Author

Mun Yong-chik is one of two Korean professional baduk players who have a university doctorate degree. In 1994 he earned a doctorate in Political Science from the Seoul National University. (The other one is Cho Hunhyun, who in November 2003 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Sports Science? by the Mokpo National University.) Mun was awarded Shodan in 1983 and reached 5d in 2003. He retired from Baduk in Sept 2008.

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