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Go Sighting #32: Yongzi

Original yongzi set Ancient book describing the making of yongzi Handcrafting yongzi in the furnace Yongzi in the furnace Viewing the rich green translucent finished black yongzi stone Chen Zude 陈祖德 admiring a black yongzi stone Chen Zude 陈祖德 describing … Continue reading

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Hiseikai Games Records [2 volumes]

Title: Hiseikai Games Records [2 volumes] 裨聖会棋譜 (全2巻) Author/Editor: Hiseikai 裨聖會 Publisher: Hochi Shimbun Publishing Department 報知新聞社出版部 Published: 1925 Format: traditionally bound Publisher Recommended Price: 5 old yen (one pre-1946 old yen was fixed at 0.75g pure gold) The Hiseikai … Continue reading

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[Tidbit] Ten Rules of Go

Ten Rules of Go 围棋十诀   不得贪胜,入界宜缓。   攻彼顾我,弃子争先。   舍小就大,逢危须弃。   慎勿轻速,动须相应。   彼强自保,势孤取和。 不得贪胜 Don’t be greedy for victory. Don’t overextend. When you are ahead in the game, strengthen your weaknesses before taking additional risk. Keep situations simple when in a winning position. … Continue reading

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