Go Books – Japanese

32 Curious Tsumego Problems
A Handbook of Go Patterns
A Series Exploring the Arts (5 volumes)
A Set Record of the Theory of the Taisha Joseki
An Outline Of Japanese Go (18 books)
An Outline of Modern Go (48 books)
Anthology of Famous Classical Go Games (8 books)
Basic Tesuji Dictionary [New Edition] (2011)
Beautiful Dan Level Tsumego 100 (2 books)
Calculating the Moon – A Tsumego Collection for Kyu to High Dan
Castle Games Records
Cho U’s Specially Selected Tsumego
Cho U’s Tsumego – Making Difficult Tsumego Simpler
Compendium of Historical Past Masters Game Records (18 volumes)
Famous Games of the Showa Period (5 volumes)
Fundamentals of Life and Death (2 volumes)
Games of the Sage – Yasui Senchi (2 volumes)
Go Seigen 21st Century Fuseki (3 Volumes)
Go Seigen 21st Century Go (10 books)
Go Seigen 21st Century Way of Play
Go Seigen Newest Research on Playing Go (5 books)
Go Seigen’s Gokyo Shumyo (5 volumes)
Go Seigen’s Tsumego Collection (2 volumes)
Go Seigen’s Tsumego Dojo (2 volumes)
Go Super Books (Original Series 50 volumes)
Go Super Books Series 2000
Goban and Shogiban – Creating Game Equipment
Gokyo Seimyo (original 1835 version) (4 books)
Gokyo Shumyo (original 1812 version) (4 books)
Guanzi Pu
Hashimoto Tsumego Masterpiece Collection
Hashimoto Utaro Famous Creations Three Hundred Selections
Hiseikai Games Records [2 volumes]
Hoen Shinpo (2 volumes)
Honinbo Jowa Complete Games
Honinbo Shuei Complete Games Collection
Honinbo Shuho Complete Games Collection
Honinbo Shusai – Complete Game Collection Limited Edition
Honinbo Tournaments Complete Collection (7 volumes + 2 supplementary volumes)
Igo Chinro Hatsuyo-ron
Igo Club Special Supplements (50 books)
Igo Club Special Supplements (NEW series) (41 volumes)
Igo Club Special Supplement – 100 Percent Battle Success Handicap Go
Igo Daijiten
Igo Meijin Tournament Complete Records
Igo Myoden
Igo Shukairoku
Increase Your Fighting Strength Ten-fold with Kyushin’s Tsumego
Increase Your Reading Strength Ten-fold with the Highest Level Tsumego
Ishida Akira’s Tsumego Masterpiece Collection – Fundamental Tesuji and Repeated Practice
Ishigure Ikuro’s Tsumego Masterpiece Collection
Joseki Dictionary (Japan Go Federation)
Joseki Fundamental Text (3 books)
Kada Katsuji Tsumego Masterpieces (8 books)/ Tsumego Brilliances (4 books)
Katsugo Shinpyo
Kinensha Tsumego 120 Problems Series (10 books)
Kokugi Kankou
Maeda Pocket Tsumego 100 Problems Series
Maeda Tsumego (3 books)
Magic of Go [Nihon Kiin series] (5 books)
Modern Joseki Encyclopedia (Yamabe Toshiro)
New Quick Study Small Dictionary Series (10 books)
Newly Compiled Comprehensive Go Manual (Shinsen Gokyou Taizen)
Nihon Ki-in’s Large Encyclopedia Series
Nihon Ki-In Dan Level series (15 books)
Nihon Ki-in Problem Collection Series (4 books)
Okigo Jizai (10 books)
Overwhelming the Wholeboard with the Grand-scale Taisha Strategy
Quickly Understand! Encyclopedia of Joseki Formation
Rankado Kiwa
Reading and Training Actual Game Situations – Mysterious Tsumego of Go Seigen
Searching for the True Theory of Go (3 books)
Seibido Shuppan Pocket Size Go Problem Books
Selected Games of Players Who Flourish in Modern Times (7 volumes)
Shikatsu Myoki
Shiqing-lu (20 volumes) and Explanations (2 volumes)
Showa Tsumego (3 books)
Significantly Boost Your Go Strength – The Secrets of Life and Death
Strengthen Your Go Skills Series (Sato Sunao)
Strengthen Your Reading with Tsumego for Iron Men
Striving Constantly For Self Improvement
Taisha Joseki
Takagawa Shukaku Complete Game Records Limited Edition (8 volumes)
Tesuji Dictionary by Go Seigen and Segoe Kensaku
The Complete Games of Go Seigen (4 books)
The Complete Games of Hashimoto Utaro (6 books)
The Complete Games of Kitani Minoru (5 books)
The God of Tsumego – Maeda Nobuaki Masterpiece Collection (2 volumes)
The Long-Lived Stone Is Not Old
The Moments of the Wind – Hashimoto Utaro’s Famous Tsumego Collection (Vol 1-3)
The Strongest Drills Aiming for the Top 1% (14 books)
The Wind Through the Pine Tree
Tsumego Dictionary (Segoe Kensaku)
Tsumego for the Millions (3 books)
Tsumego Joy Books (10 volumes)
Tsumego New Selection
Tsumego New Study
World Amateur Go Championship (1st-13th) [Kido Special Supplement]
Yasui Chitoku Games Collection (4 volumes)