Go Books – Chinese

100 Tsumego for Challenging Shodan
100 Tsumego for Challenging Three Dan
21st Century New Moves New Joseki
A Selection of the Strongmen of World Weiqi – The First Series (5 books)
Basic Life and Death Dictionary
Brilliant Tesuji From Actual Game Situations (3 books)
Cheerful Next Move 500 Questions
Chi Xiao – Gu Li’s World Title Tournament Battles with Detailed Explanation
Chinese Historical Weiqi Game Records (30 Volumes)
Chinese Japanese Korean Classic Life and Death Problem Treasury for Beginners
Chinese Weiqi Ancient Manuals Complete Collection (10 books/24 volumes)
Chinese Weiqi Ancient Manuals With Detailed Explanation Series (14 books)
Chinese Weiqi High Quality Series (9 volumes)
Cho Hun-Hyeon and Yi Chang-ho Weiqi Classroom
Cho Hun-Hyeon Fuseki Techniques (5 books)
Cho Hun-hyeon Middle Game Battle Strategies (2 books)
Cho Hun-Hyeon Newest Joseki (5 books)
Cho Hoon-Hyun Weiqi Quick Success (3 books)
Collected Selection of Short Weiqi Games of the World (4 volumes)
Discussion on Weiqi Ending in a Tie
Endgame Dictionary
Fuseki Encyclopedia (5 volumes)
Fujisawa Shuko Go Classroom Series (5 books)
Go Seigen Complete Games Collection (4 volumes)
Go Seigen Complete Weiqi Games Collection (8 volumes)
Go Seigen Famous Games with Detailed Explanation (12 volumes)
Gokyo Shumyo
Guanzi Pu
Handicap Go Dictionary (Maeda)
Handicap Go Dictionary Vol 1-2 (Otake)
Heading Towards Shodan (3 books)
Honinbo Dosaku – Complete Game Collection
Honinbo Jowa – Complete Game Collection
Honinbo Shuei – Complete Game Collection
Honinbo Shuho – Complete Game Collection
Honinbo Shusai – Complete Game Collection
Honinbo Shusaku – Complete Game Collection
Ishida Yoshio’s Weiqi Lectures (3 books)
Japanese Castle Game Complete Records (2 volumes)
Japanese Go – Three Go Saints
Joseki Dictionary by Ishida Yoshio
Ko Fight Dictionary
Korean Baduk Academy Recommended Best-Selling Collection
Korean Baduk Classic Life and Death Drills
Korean Trend Secrets Explained (2 books)
Kweon Kap-yong Problems Books
Learn Ko Fight from Actual Games of Cho U
Let’s Go Weiqi Introductory to Intermediate Level Quick Success Series
Let’s Play Go Weiqi Actual Strength Test Series (6 books)
Life and Death Dictionary Vol. 1-2 by Cho Chikun
Long Yuan – Gu Li vs. Yi Sedol 28 Dogfights with Detailed Explanation
My Views on Go (Cho Chikun)
Nie Weiping Reveals the Secrets of Whole Board Thinking (2 books)
Nie Weiping Weiqi Dojo Training Secret Manual – Life and Death Problems
One-A-Day Practice Weiqi Exercise Book
Profound Contemplations (3 books)
Quick Success Weiqi Series
Rapidly Get Out of Low Level Rank Series (3 books)
Research on Weiqi Fa Yang Lun (Research on Igo Hatsuyoron)
Rin Kaiho Famous Games with Detailed Explanation (Mercury Publishing) (12 volumes)
Sakata Eio Weiqi Collection (12 books)
Sharpening a Sword for Ten Years – Kong Jie Detailed Explanation of Games from Three Championship Wins
Step by Step Weiqi Classroom (4 books)
Step by Step Integrated Weiqi Skills Tests (7 books)
Step by Step Weiqi Fundamentals Training (11 books)
Step by Step Weiqi Star Level Problem Treasury (4 books)
Strategy Dictionary
Tesuji Dictionary by Go Seigen and Segoe Kensaku
The Brilliant Use of Tesuji (Attack & Defense)
The Brilliant Use of Tesuji (L&D)
The Common Failings of Amateur Go Players (3 books)
The Creations of Shuko (6 books)
The Perceptions of Shuko (3 books)
The World of Shuko (6 books)
Three Stone Handicap Go Manual
Weiqi Ancient Game Manuals Collection (5 books)
Weiqi Basic Skills Series
Weiqi Battle Techniques Series (3 books)
Weiqi Big Complete Encyclopedia Series
Weiqi Dan Kyu Examination Series (3 books)
Weiqi Dan Level Test (Intermediate Level Test for 1d-4d)
Weiqi Excellent Moves Collection (5 books)
Weiqi Fa Yang Lun New Explanations
Weiqi Fan Contesting Series (3 books)
Weiqi Fast and Easy to Understand Professional Book Series (4 books)
Weiqi Handicap Go Dictionary Vol 1-2
Weiqi High Level Amateur Real Battle Skills
Weiqi High Level Dan Exercises Collection
Weiqi Introductory Practice (3 books)
Weiqi Kyu and Dan Level Test (Beginner Level Test with 1000 questions)
Weiqi Life and Death 1000 Problems
Weiqi Life and Death 200 Examples
Weiqi Life and Death Drills (3 books)
Weiqi Newest Attack and Defense Variations Vol 1-2
Weiqi One Month to Understand Series (7 books)
Weiqi Problem Solving Training Series
Weiqi Rapid Drill 800 Problems
Weiqi Remedial Models Magical Times Series (6 books)
Weiqi Retention Battle Techniques and Applications
Weiqi Small Leisure Collection (12 books)
Weiqi Step by Step Strengthening Drills Handbook
Weiqi Training Camp Series (6 books)
Weiqi Training Series Teaching Material (6 books)
World Super Go Players Power Struggle Series
Xuanxuan Qijing
Yi Chang-ho 21st Century Weiqi Topical Lecture Series (10 books)
Yi Chang-ho Cheerful Probing
Yi Chang-ho Endgame Techniques (3 books)
Yi Chang-ho Weiqi Fundamental Training (2 books)
Yi Chang-ho Middle Game Excellent Moves
Yi Chang-ho New Moves New Patterns (3 books)
Yi Chang-ho My Positional Judgement
Yi Chang-ho Selected Weiqi Life and Death (6 books)
Yi Chang-ho Selected Weiqi Tesuji Problems (6 books)
Yi Sedol Famous Games Selections (3 books)
Yung-an Weiqi Classroom (5 books)