My Views on Go (Cho Chikun)

My Views on Go (Cho Chikun)
Title: My Views on Go (Cho Chikun)
Author: Cho Chikun 赵治勋
Publisher: People’s Sports Publishing House 人民体育出版社
Published: 1988
Format: softcover
ISBN: none
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB0.85

Chapter 1 On First Class Go Players 一流棋士论
From Kitani to Kobayashi, Cho Chikun talks about quite a few top players of the game and what we can learn from them.

Chapter 2 On Fuseki 布局论
Cho Chikun talks about fuseki from the perspective of professional go players

Chapter 3 On Life and Death Problems 死活题论
Cho Chikun talks about how doing life and death problems relates to the important topic of calculation.
(I translated part of this section here.)


This old OOP book is an interesting book which gives a frank discussion of how Cho Chikun views go in general. The information presents an interesting perspective and is quite valuable but the book is quite text-intensive. Don’t expect to learn a lot just from the diagrams.

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