Korean Baduk Classic Life and Death Drills

Title: Korean Baduk Classic Life and Death Drills
Author/Editor: Li Ang 李昂, Li Yue 李月
Publisher: 北京体育大学出版社
Published: 2005
Format: softcover
ISBN: 9787811000603
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB32
Part 1 上篇
The Significance of Go Life and Death Drills 围棋死活训练的意义
– Problems 1-250 问题1-250
– Model Answers 1-250 参考答案1-250
Part 2 下篇
A Few Pointers for Doing Life and Death Drills 进行死活训练的几点提示
– Problems 251-500 问题251-500
– Model Answers 251-500 参考答案251-500


The problems in this book originates from a white covered book from the famous Kweon Kap-yong’s Baduk Academy. This book was originally used in Korea for training aspiring professionals and baduk academy students. Later it was introduced into the Chinese weiqi academies and became a treasured secret manual known as 权甲龙道场白皮书. As the years passed by, glimmers of the white covered book were often seen during the yearly dan promotion tournaments and in famous weiqi academy classes. Later on a weiqi newspaper published similar problems which preserved the essense of the original problems but without answers. The present book is a collection of these problems with answers.

[loosely translated from an introduction of the book at http://www.go361.com/goods.php?id=758%5D


Readers of this book should be aware that there is a very relevant paper by Lei Shen and Thomas Wolf (GoTools) called “L. Shen and T. Wolf, Checking Life & Death Problems in Go II: Results”.

The postscript file is available at http://lie.math.brocku.ca/twolf/papers/bugsextra.ps
The pdf file is available at http://lie.math.brocku.ca/twolf/papers/bugsextra.pdf

Thomas Wolf is the author of a program called GoTools which solves and produce life and death go problems. For this paper, a program called ScanLD (built on GoTools) was used to check all 500 problems from the book. The result of the paper shows errors that were overlooked in some of the model answers in the book. There are three categories of mistakes shown in the results:

a) Mistakes changing the status to life or death
b) Mistakes changing the status to ko
c) Problems with more than one best move

I would advise all purchasers of the book to definitely download a copy of this paper to supplement the book.

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5 Responses to Korean Baduk Classic Life and Death Drills

  1. David says:

    Is there an online website where we can purchase this tsumego book?

    • tchan001 says:

      Unfortunately this book appears to be out of print. So it doesn’t appear to be available from dangdang or amazon.cn at the moment. Do use the notification button on those sites in case they are able to procure some copies or if the book becomes reprinted.

      You can most likely find it on kongfz.com as it is the online used books network in China, but to order a book via this source could be quite cumbersome and costly for people outside China. Please see the “Collecting Chinese Go Books” page for further info.

      Alternatively, you could try posting a wanted request on the Lifein19X19 forum in their “Trading Post” section to see if someone is willing to part with a copy or if they have other sources they can point out to you.

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  4. Karl says:

    The book is available on 101Weiqi https://www.101weiqi.com/book/1355/

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