Chinese Weiqi Ancient Manuals Complete Collection (10 books/24 volumes)

Chinese Weiqi Ancient Manuals Complete Collection-07
Series: Chinese Weiqi Ancient Manuals Complete Collection (10 books/24 volumes)
Publisher: Gansu Culture Publishing House 甘肃文化出版社
Contributors include: Chen Zude 陈祖德, Wang Runan 王汝南
Published: 2004
Format: Traditional bound volumes with engraved wood protection for each of the 10 sets of books
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB6888

Published in 2004, this was first published as a limited set of ancient Chinese go books limited to 2000 sets. There are 10 books with a total of 24 volumes (more than one volume per book). The volumes in each book are protected by two pieces of wood engraved with the name of the book.

The actual volumes are made with high quality binding and paper similar to the binding in high quality antique Chinese/Japanese books.

Unlike the original ancient manuals, these books are notated with Arabic numerals instead of Chinese numerals. And the printing quality is good so you don’t have to guess where certain moves are as with some old Chinese go books from the 80’s. Some of the books in this set do not seem to contain everything from the original versions. For example, this version of Shiqing Lu 适情录 only has 2 volumes where as the original has 20 volumes. So please don’t treat these as definitive versions of the original works.

The set comprises of the following:

Taohua Quan Yipu (2 volumes) 桃花泉弈谱(二卷)
Yili Zhiguitu (4 volumes) 弈理指归图(四卷)
Jianshantang Yipu (2 volumes) 兼山堂弈谱(二卷)
Yikuo (2 volumes) 弈括(二卷)
Yimo (2 volumes) 弈墨(二卷)
Sizi Pu (2 volumes) 四子谱(二卷)
Xianji Wuku (4 volumes) 仙机武库(四卷)
Shiqing Lu (2 volumes) 适情录(二卷)
Xuanxuan Qijing (2 volumes) 玄玄棋经(二卷)
Wangyou Qingle Ji (2 volumes) 忘忧清乐集(二卷)

There are no ISBN for this set that I know of.

Although this is one of the highest quality collection of ancient Chinese go manuals, there are still other ancient Chinese go manuals not included in this set. So although it is called a “complete” set of Chinese ancient weiqi manuals, there are still other books available in this genre for the serious collector.

Some of these books may be available without the wood protection on Taobao for much much cheaper than when it first came out.

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