Useful links

Sensei’s Library Encyclopedic site on go related topics.

Eidogo for Blogger HOWTO Unfortunately does not seem to work with wordpress as yet.

Erythen’s Guide to Cleaning Slate and Shell Go Stones – This is a good English language guide with thorough instructions.

Japanese video on making a shogi floor goban. The process should be quite similar to how a go floor goban is made. There are a few seconds of ads before the main vid shows.

Lifein19x19 go forum is my recommendation for an online forum where English speakers discuss and share interesting go ideas.

Go of Ten: Great blog from a Westerner who was an actual Japanese Insei

jGoBoard: Photorealistic go board with JavaScript

An interview with Hirotaka Kuroki
If you have an interest in go equipment, this is highly recommended reading material.

Online Go Servers I recommend:

2 Responses to Useful links

  1. Larry Holmgren says:

    I was looking for links to the various go book publishers.

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