Interesting Tidbits

A Few Pointers for Doing Life and Death Drills (abridged paraphrased translation)
Calculation Theory Adapted from Chess
Chinese Weiqi Poem (not translated)
How one Chinese go player went from Tygem 7D to 9D
On How A Grown-Up Can Self-learn Weiqi from Tygem 2D to 8D
Ten Rules of Go
The Concentrated Essence of Strategy
The Important Skill of Calculation Starts With Doing Life and Death Problems
Weiqi Study Method and Overview of Study Content
Yu Bin Talks About Calculation In Weiqi

Caring for Urushi Lacquerware

1 Response to Interesting Tidbits

  1. Fred V says:

    Great resource. Will spend many hours here.
    Thank You for Sharing.

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