Hiseikai Games Records [2 volumes]

Title: Hiseikai Games Records [2 volumes]
裨聖会棋譜 (全2巻)
Author/Editor: Hiseikai 裨聖會
Publisher: Hochi Shimbun Publishing Department 報知新聞社出版部
Published: 1925
Format: traditionally bound
Publisher Recommended Price: 5 old yen (one pre-1946 old yen was fixed at 0.75g pure gold)

The Hiseikai was an all-play-all league founded in 1922 by Karigane Junichi 雁金準一, Takabe Dohei 高部道平, Suzuki Tamejiro 鈴木為次郎, and Segoe Kensaku 瀬越憲作. This organization was dissolved in 1924 when the Nihon Ki-in was formed. (For those interested in the formation of the Nihon Ki-in, check this go sighting).

The Hiseikai is most noted for the introduction of time limits into the game. Each game was played even with no komi and with each player having a time limit of 16 hours. Failing to finish the game within the time allotment would automatically turn into a loss by time.

During it’s short life, the Hiseikai ran one tournament of 24 games between the four founders which ended with Karigane Junichi 雁金準一 as the winner.

The final results were:
Karigane Junichi 雁金準一 8 wins 3 losses 1 jigo
Segoe Kensaku 瀬越憲作 6 wins 5 losses 1 jigo
Suzuki Tamejiro 鈴木為次郎 6 wins 6 losses
Takabe Dohei 高部道平 3 wins 9 losses

The present volumes are the complete records of this tournament.

The name Hiseikai 裨聖會 comes from the Xijing zaji 西京雜記 “Miscellaneous Records of the Western Capital” which is a collection of short semi-historiographical stories from the Former Han dynasty 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE) court. The second scroll states:

Du Fuzi of Duling was so good at weiqi that he was considered the best under the heavens, but people mocked him for wasting away his days. Du replied, “Refining the understanding of the theories and principles of weiqi is enough to benefit greatly from the teaching of the sages.”

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  1. rtw says:

    The person who did the brush calligraphy was the 29th prime minister of Japan (Dec 13, 1931 ~ May 15, 1932).

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