The God of Tsumego – Maeda Nobuaki Masterpiece Collection (2 volumes)

Series: The God of Tsumego – Maeda Nobuaki Masterpiece Collection (2 volumes)
詰碁の神様 前田陳爾傑作集 (全2巻)
Author/Editor: Maeda Nobuaki 前田陳爾
Publisher: Heibonsha 平凡社
Published: 1980
Format: softcover
ISBN: None
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY819 each

Vol 1
Content: (100 problems)
Part 1 Enjoyable Tsumego 楽しい詰碁
1.1 Three moves tsumego 三手の詰碁
1.2 Tsumego with a nice twist ひねりの利いた詰碁
1.3 Tsumego magic? 手品のよらな詰碁
Part 2 Review of Handicap Games 置碁検討録
Basically reviews of 3 handicap games with the following names.
2.1 さむらいお手並
2.2 『御用』寸前
2.3 碁の本味

Vol 2
Content: (110 problems)
Part 1 Powerful Tsumego? 力をっける詰碁
1.1 Tsumego clarity? 冴えた詰碁
1.2 The blind spot of tsumego 盲点の詰碁
1.3 The appreciation of tsumego 鑑賞の詰碁
Part 2 Satisfying Play 会心の打碁
Reviews two games with the following names:
2.1 呉清源をハメる
2.2 强腕を発揮
Part 3 Selected Essays 随筆選
3.1 Top Ten List of Masterpiece Tsumego Works 詰碁名作べストテン
Xuan Xuan Qi Jing「玄々碁経」
Igo Hatsuyoron「発陽論」
Kanzufu (Guanzi Pu)「官子譜」
Gokyo Shumyo「碁経衆妙」
Shikatsu Myoki「死活妙機」
Works of Hashimoto Utaro 9P「橋本宇太郎九段」
Works of Sato Sunao 9P「佐藤直男九段」
Works of Kada Katsushi 9P「加田克司九段」
Works of Maeda Nobuaki 9P「前田陳爾九段」
3.2 碁のいろは歌留多

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