Research on Weiqi Fa Yang Lun (Research on Igo Hatsuyoron)

Title: Research on Weiqi Fa Yang Lun (Research on Igo Hatsuyoron)
Author/Editor: Cheng Xiao Liu 程晓流
Publisher: People’s Sports Publishing House 人民体育出版社
Published: 2010
ISBN: 9787500936985
Format: hardcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB110
Main section with 183 problems
Appendix with 21 problems that were considered copied by the original Igo Hatsuyoron from other sources.

This is probably the most current and detailed analysis of Igo Hatsuyoron published in book form. Written in 2009 and published in 2010, the editor shows many variations and failures for each problem. Some problems also show new analysis variations.

For the most difficult problem in the world, problem 120, the editor explains that this problem was first shown to the world in the 1982 Japanese edition explained by Fujisawa Hideyuki. Previous editions of Igo Hasuyoron did not include this problem. The editor goes on with a 13 page treatment of this problem and at the end comes to a conclusion that under Japanese rules, this problem should end in a tie.

I have not really tried to study this book yet so please excuse me if I can’t tell you the difference between the answer for problem 120 in this book and the answer in the webpage for “The really most difficult Go problem ever“.

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3 Responses to Research on Weiqi Fa Yang Lun (Research on Igo Hatsuyoron)

  1. Re Problem 120 —
    The really most difficult Go problem ever

    I am studying Problem, but I am having difficulty getting a copy of this edition of WeiQi FaYangLun.


    Harry Fearnley

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