Go Sighting #34: 11mm Japanese Domestic Clamshell Go Stone Set

Rarely do we get the chance to see a set of go stones made from Japanese domestic clamshells (日向特産蛤碁石) as most clamshells used for making go stones are now sourced from Mexico. When we do happen upon Japanese domestic clamshell go stones, they are usually much thinner with much less luster and sometimes some stones are missing.

The above is one of the most desirable sets I have ever seen offered at an auction. It is a masterpiece set from an old Japanese family who kept it in great condition. Not sure what grade the stones are but wouldn’t be surprised if they are snow grade. And it is a full set of go stones with 182 white and 182 black. The stones are 11mm thick which in modern terms would make them size 39 stones.

It comes with what looks like mulberry go bowls with a tasteful amount of maki-e calligraphy on the lids. Not sure what the calligraphy words are though. Mulberry is of course one of the most desirable wood used for making go bowls.

This is simply one of the most luxurious set of go stones I have ever encountered pictures of. I didn’t even want to try bidding for these as I knew right away they would be out of my budget. Anyways, I’m very happy to be able to show the photos of this incredible set and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Compare with the Hyuga Clamshell Go Stones in Kurokigoishi’s Gallery of Wonderful Goods and you’ll understand how incredible this set really is.

Also compare with Go Sighting #5: No. 38 Gold Grade Clamshell Stones

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3 Responses to Go Sighting #34: 11mm Japanese Domestic Clamshell Go Stone Set

  1. rtw says:

    A beautiful set indeed. The white has some kind of pinkish tint to highlight the grain.
    The words on the lid; one is the word for dragon, and the other one I believe is tiger. (white vs. black).
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dan Bensky says:

    Truly exquisite. The characters are dragon and horse.

  3. yukontodd says:

    Leaves me literally salivating. I think I’d be afraid of actually playing with them!
    Just found your Go journal: I think I’ll stick around a while, if that’s okay.

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