Yi Sedol Famous Games Selection (3 books)


Title: Yi Sedol Famous Games Selection (3 books)
이세돌 명국선 – 전3권
Author/Editor: Yi Sedol 이세돌
Publisher: 파랑새미디어
Published: 2010
Format: softcover in slipcase
ISBN: 9788993693249
Publisher Recommended Price: KRW99000

Volume l Step Towards a Dream
꿈을 향해 한걸음
Game 1:
8th Korean Baedalwang Tournament, Title Match #4
2000-12-04: Yoo Changhyuk 9p(Black) vs. Lee Sedol 3p(White) W+3.5
제8기 ⓝ016배 배달왕기전 결승 제4국
Game 2
5th LG Cup, Final 3
2001-05-15: Lee Changho 9p (Black) vs. Lee Sedol 3p (White) B+7.5
제5회 LG배 세계기왕전 결승 제3국
Game 3
15th Fujitsu Cup, Final
2002-08-03: Yoo Changhyuk 9p (Black) vs. Lee Sedol 3p (White) W+0.5
제15회 후지쯔배 결승

Volume 2 Dreaming of the Best
최고를 꿈꾸다
Game 1
7th LG Cup, Final 3
2003-03-25: Lee Sedol 3p (Black) vs. Lee Changho 9p (White) B+R
제7기 LG배 세계기왕전 결승 제3국
Game 2
2nd Toyota Cup, Final 3
2005-01-08: Chang Hao 9p (Black) vs. Lee Sedol 9p (White) W+R
제2회 도요타덴소배 결승 제3국
Game 3
3rd Toyota Cup, Semi-final
2006-09-01: Lee Sedol 9p (Black) vs. Lee Changho 9p (White) B+R
제3회 도요타덴소배 준결승

Volume 3 New Beginning
새로운 시작
Game 1
3rd Toyota Cup, Final 1
2007-01-06: Lee Sedol 9p (Black) vs. Cho U 9p (White) W+0.5
제3회 도요타덴소배 결승 제1국
Game 2
12th Samsung Cup, Final 3
2008-01-24: Lee Sedol 9p (Black) vs. Park Yeonghun 9p (White) B+1.5
제12회 삼성화재배 결승 제3국
Game 3
13th LG Cup, Final 2
2009-02-25: Lee Sedol 9p (Black) vs. Gu Li 9p (White) W+R
제13회 LG배 세계기왕전 결승 제2국

During the time when Yi Sedol took a year off from professional baduk in 2009, he was urged by his brother Yi Sang-hun to write a book, the results of which is this wonderful set of 3 books with Yi Sedol’s detailed self-commented game records. In each book, he chose 3 games and discussed his thoughts on the progress of each game every few moves. As these commentaries are totally completed by Yi Sedol, we gain valuable insights into what makes him the top player he is today. It took Yi Sedol around 8 months to complete this project with the help his sister Yi Se Na who helped him write the text.


Title: Yi Sedol Explaining His Own Battles (3 books)
Author/Editor: Yi Sedol 李世石 (이세돌)
Publisher: Qingdao Publishing House 青岛出版社
Published: 2012
Format: softcover; hardcover in slipcase
ISBN: 9787543684522 (v1); 9788993693249 (v2); 9787543684546 (v3)
Publisher Recommended Price: softcover RMB36 each (RMB108 set of 3); hardcover RMB66 each (RMB198 set of 3)

This is the Chinese translation which came out recently in July 2012.


The third volume of the English edition became available as of July 2017 as posted on their facebook page.

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2 Responses to Yi Sedol Famous Games Selection (3 books)

  1. Logan says:

    I think that this is one of the most important contemporary books in need of Western translation.

    I’ll be trying to get this translated in a few years, if not done so already by then.

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