Go Super Books (Original Series 50 volumes)

Series: Go Super Books (Original Series 50 volumes)
Publisher: Nihon Kiin 日本棋院
Published: 1969 to 1975
Format: softcover

Title: Vol 1 – The Nadare Joseki (Fujisawa Hideyuki)
ナダレ定石 藤沢秀行

Title: Vol 2 – Test Your Go – 9 kyu to 5 kyu [Elementary level] (Rin Kaiho)
たのしい囲碁テスト (9級から5級まで/初級) 林海峯

Title: Vol 3 – Introduction to Trick Play (Maeda Nobuaki)
ハメテ入門 前田陳爾

Title: Vol 4 – Test Your Go – 4 Kyu to Shodan [Intermediate level] (Sakata Eio)
たのしい囲碁テスト (4級から初段まで/中級) 坂田栄男

Title: Vol 5 – Beginner’s Blind Spots (Magari Reiki)
初心者の錯覚 曲励起

Title: Vol 6 – Tormenting the Weaker Player (Hayashi Yutaro)
下手いじめ 林有太郎

Title: Vol 7 – How To Play Against The Stronger Player (Sakai Michiharu)
上手はこわくない 酒井通温
Translated into English as “How To Play Against Stronger Players Vol 1 and Vol 2”

Title: Vol 8 – The First 30 Moves (Takagawa Kaku)
序盤の30手 高川秀格

Title: Vol 9 – The Modern Taisha Joseki (Yamabe Toshiro)
新しい大斜定石 山部俊朗

Title: Vol 10 – The Niken Takabasami Joseki (Shimamura Toshihiro)
二間高バサミ定石 島村俊宏

Title: Vol 11 – Amateur and Professional, part 1 (Kageyama Toshiro)
素人と玄人 景山利朗
Translated into English as “Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go”

Title: Vol 12 – The Direction of Play (Kajiwara Takeo)
石の方向 梶原武雄
Translated into English as “The Direction of Play”

Title: Vol 13 – The Next Skillful Move (Maeda Nobuaki)
次の妙手 前田陳爾

Title: Vol 14 – Shimari Josekis (Okubo Ichigen)
シマリの定石 大窪一玄

Title: Vol 15 – Kada’s Tsume-go Class (Kada Katsuji)
加田詰碁教室 加田克司

Title: Vol 16 – Tesuji to Make You Stronger (Fujisawa Hosai)
強くなる手筋 藤沢朋斎

Title: Vol 17 – The Magic of Sacrifice (Iwamoto Kaoru)
捨て石の魔術 岩本薫

Title: Vol 18 – Amateur and Professional, Part 2 (Kageyama Toshiro)
続・素人と玄人 新置碁必勝法 景山利朗

Title: Vol 19 – The Focal Point of Large Moyo (Ohira Shuzo)
大規模の焦点 太平修三

Title: Vol 20 – Improvement Without Tears (Kano Yoshinori)
ひとくち上達法 加納嘉徳

Title: Vol 21 – Pre-Joseki Study (Ishida Yoshio)
定石以前 石田芳夫

Title: Vol 22 – Magic Sword Joseki (Hasegawa Akira)
妖刀という名の定石 長谷川章

Title: Vol 23 – Tales of Go History (Tamura Ryukihei)
物語り囲碁史 田村竜騎兵

Title: Vol 24 – Introduction to Go Theory (Takagawa Kaku)
囲碁学入門 高川秀格

Title: Vol 25 – Go Instruction Point by Point (Sakata Eio)
囲碁ワンポイント指導 坂田栄男

Title: Vol 26 – The Winning Chance (Rin Kaiho)
勝局へのチャンス 林海峯
Translated into English as “Golden Opportunities”

Title: Vol 27 – Unusual Happenings on the Go Board (Abe Yoshiteru)
対局ハプニング集 安部吉輝
Translated into English as “Dramatic Moments on the Go Board”

Title: Vol 28 – Appreciating Famous Games (Ohira Shuzo)
名局鑑賞室 大平修三
Translated into English as “Appreciating Famous Games”

Title: Vol 29 – 18 Hints for Improving Your Style (Masubuchi Tatsuko)
筋がよくなる18のヒント 増淵辰子

Title: Vol 30 – Easy Trick Plays for Even Games (Maeda Nobuaki)
やさしい互先のハメ手 前田陳爾

Title: Vol 31 – Inside Joseki (Fujisawa Hideyuki)
定石道中 藤沢秀行

Title: Vol 32 – The ABC’s of Tsume-go (Shinohara Masami)
詰碁のいろは 篠原正美

Title: Vol 33 – Kajiwara Style – Living Joseki (Kajiwara Takeo)
梶原流 生きた定石 梶原武雄

Title: Vol 34 – Honinbo’s Hoshi and San-San (Ishida Yoshio)
本因坊の星と三々 石田芳夫

Title: Vol 35 – Building the Foundation of Shodan (Miyashita Shuyo)
初段の基礎作り 宮下秀洋

Title: Vol 36 – The Only Move (Abe Yoshiteru)
この一手 盤上のドラマ 安部吉輝

Title: Vol 37 – The Psychology of Go Made Easier (Mihori Sho)
楽しい囲碁心理学 三堀将

Title: Vol 38 – Kage’s Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go (Kageyama Toshiro)
影さんの置碁秘伝 景山利朗
Translated into English as “Kage’s Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go”

Title: Vol 39 – How to Make the Breakthrough to Shodan (Sakakibara Shoji)
初段の壁を破る法 榊原章二

Title: Vol 40 – The Takamoku Joseki, or Win in the Centre (Otake Hideo)
背中で勝つ高目定石 大竹英雄

Title: Vol 41 – The Next Move in the Middle Game (Kano Yoshinori)
中盤作戦この一手 加納嘉徳

Title: Vol 42 – The Techniques of Invading (Kuwahara Munehisa)
侵略のテクニック 桑原宗久

Title: Vol 43 – Introduction to Opening Play (Nakamura Yutaro)
布石入門 中村勇太郎

Title: Vol 44 – Joseki Variants (Yamabe Toshiro)
定石無法地帯 山部俊朗

Title: Vol 45 – If You Play Go, Here is How (Sugiuchi Masao)
あなたならどう打つ 杉内雅男

Title: Vol 46 – How to be Stronger at Lightning Go (Otake Hideo)
早碁に強くなる法 大竹英雄

Title: Vol 47 – How to Fight and How to Kill (Kato Masao)
石の攻め方殺し方 加藤正夫
Translated into English as “Kato’s Attack and Kill”

Title: Vol 48 – Simple Fighting Techniques (Sakata Eio)
やさしい戦術一問一答 坂田栄男

Title: Vol 49 – Beginners’ Go Encyclopedia (Murashima Yoshinori)
初級囲碁百科 村島諠紀

Title: Vol 50 – Utilizing the Handicap Stones (Hasegawa Akira)
置石の生かし方 長谷川章

This set of famous books was published between 1969 and 1975 by the Nihon Kiin. Long out of print and incredibly difficult to collect the full set. It was a long and difficult period of searching before I finally completed my set. Good luck if you are trying to get your own set.

Translated names taken mainly from http://senseis.xmp.net/?GoSuperBooks

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  1. This page has been a big help in identifying which of the series I’ve found. I’m now up to 29 of the original 50. The pictures make it so much easier to distinguish between the books since quite a few of mine aren’t numbered.

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