Go Seigen’s Gokyo Shumyo (5 volumes)

Title: Go Seigen’s Gokyo Shumyo (5 volumes)
呉清源の碁経衆妙 (全5巻)
Author/Editor: Go Seigen 呉清源
Publisher: Ikeda Publishing Company 池田書店
Published: 1974
Format: softcover
ISBN: None
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY630 each
Vol 1 Life 生の部
Vol 2 Death 殺の部
Vol 3 Ko 劫の部
Vol 4 Attack 攻の部
Vol 5 Miscellaneous 雑の部

Go Seigen’s version of Gokyo Shumyo. Typically each problem is on one page and you flip the page to read Go’s explanation on the other side with 4 diagrams explaining the correct answer and failures.

You can compare this with the original 1812 version of Gokyo Shumyo here.

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