Weiqi Big Complete Encyclopedia Series

Series: Weiqi Big Complete Encyclopedia Series

Title: Weiqi Joseki Big Complete Encyclopedia (Revised Edition)
围棋定式大全 (修订本)
Author/Editor: 廖渝生
Publisher: 四川科技出版社
Published: 2006 Mar
Format: softcover (754 pages)
ISBN 9787536458857
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB42
Part 1 – Hoshi 星 4-4 joseki
Part 2 – Komoku 小目 3-4 joseki
Part 3 – Mokuhazushi 目外 3-5 joseki
Part 4 – Takamoku 高目 4-5 joseki
Part 5 – Sansan 三三 3-3 joseki

Title: Weiqi L&D Big Complete Encyclopedia (Revised Edition)
围棋死活大全 (修订本)
Author/Editor: 丁开明
Publisher: 四川科技出版社
Published: 2006 Mar
Format: softcover (761 pages)
ISBN 9787536458871
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB42
Part 1 – Life and Death Common Knowledge (Guidelines) 死活常识 (代凡例)
a. Basic Shapes of Life and Death 死活的基本形
b. Live stones 死棋
c. Dead stones 活棋
d. Dead 不活
e. Ko to Live 打劫活
f. Bent four in the corner 角上弯四
g. Rectangular six 板六
h. Bent four in the corner 盘角弯四
Part 2 – Life and Death in the Corner 角上死活
a. On Attacking 进攻部分
b. On Defending 防守部分
Part 3 – Life and Death on the Sides 边上死活
a. On Attacking 进攻部分
b. On Defending 防守部分
Part 4 – Selections From Famous Ancient Works 古典名著
The selected problems emphasize those which help the reader learn and practice life and death techniques. It is not a comprehensive coverage of the ancient books.
a. Xuanxuan Qijing 玄玄棋经
— On Attacking 进攻部分
— On Defending 防守部分
b. Guanzi Pu 官子谱
— On Attacking 进攻部分
— On Defending 防守部分
c. Gokyo Shumyo 棋经众妙
— On Attacking 进攻部分
— On Defending 防守部分

Title: Weiqi Tesuji Big Complete Encyclopedia (Revised Edition)
围棋手筋大全 (修订本)
Author/Editor: 廖渝生
Publisher: 四川科技出版社
Published: 2006 Mar
Format: softcover (761 pages)
ISBN 9787536458864
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB42
Part 1 – Tesuji in Fuseki 布局的手筋
a. Tesuji for Making a Position 展开的手筋
b. Tesuji for Drawing Near 接近的手筋
c. Tesuji for Expanding 扩大的手筋
d. Tesuji for Pressing Down 压迫的手筋
e. Tesuji for Reducing 侵消的手筋
f. Tesuji for Surrounding 围空的手筋
g. Tesuji for Invading 打入的手筋
Part 2 – Tesuji in the Middlegame 中盘的手筋
a. Tesuji for Separating 切断的手筋
b. Tesuji for Sealing In 封锁的手筋
c. Tesuji for Spoiling Shape 破坏棋形的手筋
d. Tesuji for Making Heavy 使对方走重的手筋
e. Tesuji for Creating Double Threats 瞄着两处的手筋
f. Tesuji for Taking Away the Base 夺取根据的手筋
g. Tesuji for Capturing 吃子的手筋
h. Tesuji for Intimidating with Ko 以劫威胁的手筋
i. Tesuji for Creating Weaknesses 制造弱点的手筋
j. Tesuji for Counterattack 反击的手筋
k. Tesuji for Probing 试应手的手筋
l. Tesuji for Taking Sente 争先手的手筋
m. Tesuji for Protecting Cutting Points 护断的手筋
n. Tesuji for Sticking Out the Head 出头的手筋
o. Tesuji for Jumping Out 逃出的手筋
p. Tesuji for Making Shape 整形的手筋
q. Tesuji for Light and Lively Sabaki 轻灵腾挪的手筋
r. Tesuji for Defending Against Multiple Threats 兼顾两处的手筋
s. Tesuji for Solidifying a Base 巩固根据的手筋
t. Tesuji for Using Sacrifice 弃子的手筋
u. Tesuji for Resisting with Ko 以劫顽抗的手筋
v. Tesuji for Bridging Under 渡的手筋
Part 3 – Tesuji in the Endgame 官子的手筋
a. Tesuji for Encroaching on Enemy Territory 侵入的手筋
b. Tesuji for Breaking In 突破的手筋
c. Tesuji for Forcing Removal 使对方收气吃的手筋
d. Tesuji for Threatening to Kill 威胁生存的手筋
e. Tesuji for Stopping Encroachment 防止侵入的手筋
f. Tesuji for Playing a Dual Usage Move 一子两用的手筋
g. Tesuji for Making Shape in Sente 先手定形的手筋
Part 4 – Tesuji in Life and Death 死活的手筋
a. Tesuji for Extending Liberties 长气的手筋
b. Tesuji for Securing Eye Shape 确保眼开的手筋
c. Tesuji for Gaining Enough Space to Live 扩大地域的手筋
d. Tesuji for Exploiting Shortage of Liberties 紧气的手筋
e. Tesuji for Destroying Eye Shape 破坏眼形的手筋
f. Tesuji for Narrowing Your Opponent’s Space 缩小地域的手筋
g. Tesuji for Using Shortage of Liberties to Live 利用气紧的手筋
h. Tesuji for Using Ko Fights 打劫的手筋

Title: Weiqi Fuseki Big Complete Encyclopedia (Revised Edition)
围棋布局大全 (修订本)
Author/Editor: 丁开明
Publisher: 四川科技出版社
Published: 2006 Mar
Format: softcover (741 pages)
ISBN 9787536458888
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB42
Part 1 – Komoku 3-4 Fuseki Types 小目类布局
a. Diagonal Komoku Fuseki 对角小目布局
b. Shusaku Fuseki 一三五布局
c. Parallel Komoku Fuseki 平行小目布局
d. Other Komoku Fuseki 其他小目布局
Part 2 – Hoshi 4-4 Fuseki Types 星类布局
a. Diagonal Hoshi Fuseki 对角星布局
b. Nirensei Fuseki 二连星布局
c. Sanrensei Fuseki 三连星布局
d. Diagonal Hoshi Komoku Fuseki 对角星小目布局
e. Parallel Hoshi Komoku Fuseki 平行星小目布局
f. Other Hoshi Fuseki 其他星布局
Part 3 – Chinese Fuseki 中国流布局
Part 4 – Other Fuseki 其他布局
Part 5 – Modern Trend Fuseki (Korean Influenced) 当今流行布局

Title: Weiqi Endgame Big Complete Encyclopedia (Revised Edition)
围棋官子大全 (修订本)
Author/Editor: 丁开明
Publisher: 四川科技出版社
Published: 2007 Jan
Format: softcover (761 pages)
ISBN 9787536461154
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB42
Part 1 – Foundational Knowledge 基础知识
a. The Origin and the Meaning of “Guanzi” (Endgame Techniques) 官子一词的由来和含义
b. The Course of a Go Game 棋局的进程
c. Surrounding and Capturing 围空和提子
d. The Value of a Stone 棋的价值
e. Sente and Gote 先手和后手
f. Sente Endgame Play and Gote Endgame Play 先手官和后手官
g. The Present Value and Follow-Up Value of Endgame Plays 官子的现实目数和后续目数
Part 2 – Categories of Endgame Plays 官子的种类
a. Double Sente Play 双方先手官
b. Sente Play 单方先手官
c. Reverse Sente Play 逆收后手官
d. Sente Gote Play 后手加先手官
e. Double Gote Play 后手加后手官
f. Gote Play without Follow-Up Value 单纯后手官
Part 3 – Calculating the Size of Endgame Plays and Determining the Value 官子的目数计算和价值判定
a. Calculation Method for Value of Endgame Plays 官子目数的计算方法
b. Principle of Sente 先手原则
c. Principle of Gote 后手原则
d. Principle of Ko 单劫原则
e. Determining the Value of Endgame Plays 官子价值大小的判定
f. The Order of Endgame Plays 收官的顺序
Part 4 – Commonly Seen Endgame Shapes 常见官子棋形
a. Common Kinds 普通类
b. Hane and Cutting to Capture 扳和断吃
c. Knight Move and Block 飞和挡
d. Diagonal and Jump 尖和跳
e. Cut and Tiger Mouth断和虎
f. Attaching Underneath, Clamp, and Attaching One Line Higher than the Enemy Stone 托、夹、靠
g. Placement 点
h. Descent 立
Part 5 – Endgame Tesuji 官子手筋
Part 6 – Actual Game Situation Endgame Questions and Answers 实战官子问答
Part 7 – Actual Games Selected for Endgame Study (20 Games) 实战官子谱

The book below is from the original series by a different publisher. The revised editions are published around 2006-2007 while the original series is from around 1997.

Title: Weiqi Strategy Big Complete Encyclopedia
Author/Editor: 蜀蓉棋艺出版社编辑部
Publisher: 蜀蓉棋艺出版社
Published: 2001 May
Format: softcover (793 pages)
ISBN 9787805487113
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB32
Part 1 – Strategy of the Big Moyo 大模样战术
Part 2 – Strategy of Invasion 打入战术
Part 3 – Strategy of Reduction 侵消战术
Part 4 – Strategy of Managing Isolated Weak Groups 治孤战术
Part 5 – Strategy of Attacking 攻击战术
Part 6 – Strategy of Surrounding and Annihilating 围歼战术
Part 7 – Strategy of Ko Fighting 劫争战术
Part 8 – Strategy of Sabaki 腾挪战术
Part 9 – Strategy of Sacrifice 弃子战术
Part 10 – Strategy of Fighting for Sente 争先战术
Part 11 – Strategy of Using Silence to Bring About Action 以静待动战术
Part 12 – The Decisive Play and the Strategy of Finding Victory in the Midst of Turbulence 胜负手和乱中求胜战术
Part 13 – Seizing Opportunities in Battle 捕捉战机

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