Gokyo Shumyo (original 1812 version) (4 books)

Title: Gokyo Shumyo
Author/Editor: Hayashi Genbi 林元美
Publisher: Seireikaku 靑藜閣
Published: 1812 (Bunka 9 文化九年)
Format: traditionally bound in four volumes
Vol 1 –
Section on Life 生之部 (103 problems)
Section on Death 死之部 (71 problems)
Section on Placement 點之部 (81 problems)

Vol 2 –
Section on Ko 劫之部 (89 problems)
Section on Attack 攻之部 (96 problems)

Vol 3 –
Section on Bridging Under 盤之部 (74 problems)
Section on Pursuing to the End 追落之部 (40 problems)
Section on Pincers 夾之部 (20 problems)
Section on Connecting 續之部 (4 problems)
Section on Cutting 断之部 (4 problems)
Wholeboard Problem #1 香餌懸魚
Wholeboard Problem #2 七曜持
Section on Ladders 征之部 (4 Wholeboard problems)
Wholeboard Problem #3
Wholeboard Problem #4
[Including the ladder problems, a total of 8 wholeboard problems.]

Vol 4 –
Appendix with answers 附錄擲方

This is the original version of Gokyo Shumyo from 1812. It is one of the classic anthologies of go problems which is still widely studied by many serious students of the game.

More info at Sensei’s Library

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