Learn Ko Fight from Actual Games of Cho U

Learn Ko Fight from Actual Games of Cho U
Title: Learn Ko Fight from Actual Games of Cho U
Author/Editor: Cho U 張栩
Publisher: Mercury Publishing House 世界文物出版社
Published: 2013
ISBN: 9789575613556
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD260

Foreword 前言
Ch 1 Ko in the Opening 序盤的劫 (12 problems)
Ch 2 Ko in the Middlegame 中盤的劫 (13 problems)
Ch 3 Ko in the Endgame 終盤的劫 (6 problems)
Ch 4 Special Ko 特別的劫 (2 problems)
Ch 5 Commented Game Records 總譜解說 (27 game records)
Postscript 後記

Published in Taiwan in Aug 2013, this is a traditional Chinese translation of the Japanese version 張栩の実戦に学ぶ コウの考え方 全27局徹底解説 which came out in 2010.

If you ever want to become good at go, you need to learn how to ko fight. Read this book and learn how to think about and deal with ko fights as you explore how Cho U approaches this subject in his games. The problems in the book are based on positions from the 27 games listed in Chapter 5 of the book so you get a deeper insight as to how he thought about the situations when he faced them.

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