Newly Compiled Comprehensive Go Manual (Shinsen Gokyou Taizen)

Newly Compiled Comprehensive Go Manual (Shinsen Gokyou Taizen)
Author/Editor: Akiyama Senboku 秋山仙朴
Published: 1720 (享保5)

This should be the infamous book which was confiscated after a trade secret complaint by Honinbo Dochi.

As explained by TMark:

By applying to the Shogunate, Dochi forced Akiyama Senboku (also known as Ogura Doki) to cease publication of his book Hiden Shusho, Shinsen Gokyo Taizen – Secretly Transmitted Annotations, Newly Compiled Comprehensive Go Manual. The title was a bit of a giveaway.

I doubt that there were specific laws, but each of the Go schools jealously guarded their secrets and research (especially into variants of the taisha) and it may well be considered that Honinbo Dochi was using his status to guard against dissemination of Honinbo house material.

It seems the original version is in three volumes. My copy collects all three volumes into one book with 55 “pages”. Each printed page is actually folded in half before traditionally bound so it is actually double that if you count pages the modern way.

For more about Akiyama Senboku, read story 69 in New in Go.


I now have a set of the 1725 (享保10) three volume edition of the book. I like the way the calligraphy of the title is different for all the volumes.

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