Quickly Understand! Encyclopedia of Joseki Formation

Title: Quickly Understand! Encyclopedia of Joseki Formation
Author/Editor: Fukui Masaaki 福井正明
Publisher: フローラル出版
Published: 2005
Format: softcover
ISBN: 978-4930831491
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY1400 tax included
Ch 1 – Mainstream of the Edo Era – 3-4 Point 江戸本流、小目 (39 articles)
Ch 2 – Contemporary Mainstream – 4-4 Point 現代主流、星 (32 articles)
Ch 3 – High Voltage – 5-4 Point 高圧、高目 (16 articles)
Ch 4 – Transformation – 5-3 Point 変幻、目ハズシ (10 articles)

A very interesting book by Fukui Masaaki (9D) who is known for his scholarship and understanding of old games from ancient records. Digging through 400 years of go history, the author strives to show the evolution of joseki over time. This book takes a look at the various joseki and shows how leading professional players of the times played and how new ideas resulted in changes in old joseki. The book only provides a light explanation of concepts so don’t expect lots of variations to study.

I think this book is a great supplement to database joseki research as it is compiled by an expert who has a great understanding of go history. Seems to make studying joseki less dry if you understand Japanese.

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