Gokyo Shumyo

Gokyo Shumyo (Chinese)
Title: Gokyo Shumyo
Author/Editor: Du Wei Xin (editor) 杜维新 (编著)
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing 成都时代出版社
Published: 2004
ISBN: 7-80548-916-5
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB20
Section on Life 生之部 103 problems
Section on Death 死之部 71 problems
Section on Ko 劫之部 90 problems
Section on Attacking 攻之部 96 problems
Section on Attacking to Kill 追杀之部 40 problems
Section on Crossing Under 盘渡之部 74 problems
Section on Wedge, Placement, Peep, Cut, Ladder 挖,点,刺,断,征之部 46 problems

Part of the “World Weiqi Masterpieces of Life and Death” collection


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