Igo Club Special Supplements (50 books)

Series: Igo Club Special Supplements (50 volumes)
別冊囲碁クラブ [Bessatsu Igo Kurabu]
Publisher: Nihon Kiin 日本棋院

No. 1 Find the Next Move Masterpieces (1974)
「次の一手」傑作集 (昭49)
100 problems

No. 2 Gems of Classical Go (1974)
碁の古典名品集 (昭49)
Selection of problems and works from Xuanxuan Qijing, Guanzi Pu, Igo Hatsuyoron, Shinsen Gokyou Taizen. Gokyo Shumyo, Gokyo Seimyo, Genran, Igo Myouden, Hoen Shinpo, Igo Shinpo. and Shikatsu Myoki.

No. 3 Encyclopedia of Trick Moves (1975)
ハメ手大百科 (昭50)

No. 4 Handicap Go Ten Commandments (1975) by Kageyama Toshiro
置碁十戒 (昭50)

No. 5 The Power of the Star Point by Takagawa Kaku (1975)
三連星の威力 布石はこんなに楽しいもの 高川秀格 (昭50)
Translated into English and published by Ishi Press as “The Power of the Star-Point” by Shukaku Takagawa.

No. 6 Let’s Challenge Shodan by Rin Kaiho (1976)
初段に挑戦しよう 林海峰 (昭51)

No. 7 Delightful Tsumego by Maeda by Maeda Nobuaki (1976)
痛快 前田の詰碁 前田陳爾 (昭51)
160 tsumegos from the God of Tsumego, Maeda Nobuaki. This book is highly prized by collectors (i.e. very expensive) and extremely difficult to find.

No. 8 Thirty Currently Popular Joseki by Otake Hideo (1976)
いま人気のある30の定石 大竹英雄 (昭51)

No. 9 One Shot Tesuji—Paralyse the Opponent by Hasegawa Akira (1976)
碁敵がしびれる 手筋一発 長谷川章 (昭51)

No. 10 Large Moyo Grand Strategy by Takemiya Masaki (1977)
大模様大作戦 武宮正樹 (昭52)

No. 11 Go—Learning to Play and Afterwards (1977)
囲碁・入門その後 (昭52)

No. 12 Shuko Tesuji Test by Fujisawa Shuko (1977)
秀行・手筋テスト 藤沢秀行 (昭52)

No. 13 The Chinese Opening by Kato Masao (1977)
これが中国流布石だ 加藤劒正 (昭52)
Translated into English and published by Ishi Press as “The Chinese Opening” by Kato Masao

No. 14 The Next Three Moves (1978)
次の三手 よみと感覚のトレーニング (昭53)

No. 15 New Proverbs a la Carte (1978)
新格言あらかると 格言の常識に挑戦する (昭53)

No. 16 Sharp Moves, Brilliant Moves, Evil Moves by Go Seigen (1978)
鬼手・妙手・魔手 呉清源 (昭53)

No. 17 Find the Next Move Masterpieces Continued (1978)
続「次の一手」傑作集 (昭53)

No. 18 If You Can Answer These, Shodan! (1978)
これが解けたら初段! (昭53)

No. 19 Middlegame Technique by Sakata Eio (1979)
中盤戦のテクニック 攻防の決め手 坂田栄男 (昭54)

No. 20 Yose Technique by Ishida Yoshio (1979)
ヨセのテクニック 終盤の切れ味 石田芳夫 (昭54)

No. 21 Fuseki Technique by Otake Hideo (1979)
布石のテクニック 序盤でリード! 大竹英雄 (昭54)

No. 22 Get Strong at Joseki 12 Chapters (1979)
定石に強くなる12章 (昭54)

No. 23 Get Strong at Actual Play, 80 Questions (1979)
実戦に強くなる80題 (昭54)

No. 24 New Find the Next Three Moves (1979)
新・次の三手 よみと感覚のトレーニングⅡ (昭54)

No. 25 Style and Shape Technique by Rin Kaiho (1980)
筋と形のテクニック (昭55)

No. 26 Get Strong at Handicap Go Sakata Special Instruction School by Sakata Eio (1980)
置碁に強くなる 坂田特訓道場 坂田栄男 (昭55)

No. 27 Decisive Moves after Joseki by Otake Hideo (1980)
定石以後の決め手 大竹英雄 (昭55)

No. 28 Brilliant Attack and Defense Technique by Kato Masao (1980)
華麗なる攻防のテクニック 加藤正夫 (昭55)

No. 29 This Time Indeed, Go Enlightenment! Shodan Strategy by Nakayama Noriyuki (1980)
こんどこそ囲碁開眼!初段の戦略 中村伸之 (昭55)

No. 30 Get Strong at Positional Judgement by Ishida Yoshio (1980)
形勢判断に強くなる 石田芳夫 (昭55)

No. 31 New Moves, New Patterns, New Joseki by Abe Yoshiteru (1981)
新手・新型・新定石 安倍吉輝 (昭56)

No. 32 Invasion and Sabaki, Sure Win Technique by Takemiya Masaki (1981)
打込みとサバキ必勝のテクニック 武宮正樹 (昭56)

No. 33 Here are Amateur Blind Spots, Opening Volume by Sanno Hirotaka (1981)
ここがアマの盲点!序盤編 三王裕孝 (昭56)

No. 34 Dan-level Declaration by Sakakibara Shoji (1981)
有段宣言 プロから何を盗るか 榊原章二 (昭56)

No. 35 Are You Able to Sacrifice Stones? by Shirae Haruhiko (1981)
あなたは石を捨てられるか 白江治彦 (昭56)

No. 36 Putting Everything into One Stone, Don’t Miss the Chance by Cho Chikun (1981)
一石入魂 チャンスを逃すな 趙治勲 (昭56)

No. 37 Encyclopedia of Miscellaneous Go Information for Erudition (1981)
囲碁雑学ものしり百科 (昭56)

No. 38 Taking Advantage of Vulgar Style by Fujisawa Shuko (1982)
俗筋をとがめる 藤沢秀行 (昭57)

No. 39 After Beginning Kyu, Decisive Moves for Progress by Shirae Haruhiko (1982)
初級その後 上達の決め手 白江治彦 (昭57)

No. 40 Here are Amateur Blind Spots, Middlegame Volume by Sanno Hirotaka (1982)
ここがアマの盲点! 中盤編 三王裕孝 (昭57)

No. 41 Don’t Be Afraid of Trick Moves by Sakata Eio (1982)
ハメ手は怖くない 坂田栄男 (昭57)

No. 42 My Choice of Basic Joseki by Ogawa Tomoko (1982)
私の選んだ基本定石 小川誠子 (昭57)

No. 43 Sixty Questions and Answers, Teaching the Correct Order of Moves (1982)
Q&A60 正しい手順を教えます (昭57)

No. 44 The Meijin’s Handicap Go Classroom, From Real Games by Cho Chikun (1983)
名人置碁教室・実戦から 趙治勲 (昭58)
8-9 handicap stones (12 problems)
6-7 handicap stones (15 problems)
4-5 handicap stones (18 problems)

No. 45 Find the Only Move Challenge by Takagawa Kaku (1983)
この一手に挑戦 高木祥一 (昭58)

No. 46 Giving Support to the Weaker Player by Honda Sachiko (1983)
した手の味方になります 本田幸子 (昭58)

No. 47 A Chance for a Skillful Move… Women’s Secret Stories by Itou Tomoe (1983)
チャンスにうまい手をー女流秘話 伊藤友恵 (昭58)

No. 48 Becoming Skillful at Fuseki by Kataoka Satoshi (1983)
布石上手になるために 片岡聡 (昭58)

No. 49 Amateur Moves through a Pro’s Eyes by Sanno Hirotaka (1983)
アマの手 プロの眼 三王裕孝 (昭58)

No. 50 Vital Points of the Opening, Your Go Strength can be Broken Down in 20 Moves by Ishida Akira (1984)
序盤の急所 棋力は20手で見破られる 石田章 (昭59)

Translations mostly sourced from:

This is a series of 50 special supplements to the Igo Club magazine (囲碁クラブ). Some of the volumes have been translated into English books.

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