32 Curious Tsumego Problems

Title: 32 Curious Tsumego Problems
Author/Editor: Uchida Tomomi 内田知見 (うちだ ともみ)
Publisher: self-published
Published: 2009
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY1300

A curious little tsumego book with 32 life and death problems and 5 whole board problems written by an amateur tsumego creator when he was 20 years old. It appears that he started with a hobby of collecting and solving tsumegos during middle school and excelled to the point where he was able to create interesting tsumegos himself which he has published into this book. He was a former insei at the Nihon Kiin and as of 2009 a medical technology student at the Teikyo University in Tokyo.

If you really want a copy, you’ll have to write to the author himself at wrigggle@yahoo.co.jp. Not sure about his understanding of English. I got this book via a Japanese sourcing agent.

More info on the book in Japanese at http://www.atekomi.com/works.html
You can find one of his problems there as well as a link to the errata page.

[July 2012] It appears that the site no longer leads to the book and I have no idea if the email still works for ordering the book. Good luck trying to obtain a copy if you are looking for it.

[April 2013] There seems to be a second edition with the following ISBN: 9784990661908 published in October 2012 again self-published.

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One Response to 32 Curious Tsumego Problems

  1. compilerman says:

    I purchased a copy at the Nihon Kiin (Ichigaya) recently (March 30, 2013).

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