New Haengma Dictionary

Title: New Haengma Dictionary
행마 신 사전
Author/Editor: Seo Neung-uk 서능욱
Publisher: Up To 업투
Published: 1999
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: KRW10000
Part 1 – Iron Pillar Haengma 쌍점 행마
Part 2 – Diagonal Move Haengma 마늘모 행마
Part 3 – One Space Jump Haengma 한칸 행마
Part 4 – Knight Move Haengma 날일자 행마
Part 5 – Haengma Application 응용 행마 (covers large knight move, two space jump, three space extension, and diagonal jump)
(197 patterns total)

Basically a good book on haengma with at least 2 to 3 diagrams explaining each pattern showing the basic moves for developing stones. Quite useful for times when you know you have a group with reasonable good shape and you want some good ideas on what to do therafter.

This book is also known in English as the “Dictionary of Basic Shapes”.

Please also check out the entry in Sensei’s Library.

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