Go Sighting #22: Qing Dynasty Rosewood Weiqi and Chinese Chess Game Table

Found some pictures of a Qing Dynasty weiqi game table which can also be used for Chinese chess. Made from rosewood, this table measures 54.5cm long and 54.5cm wide with a height of 16cm. With elegantly carved legs and delicate floral decorations carved on the sides, this is a fine piece of equipment which I could easily imagine as having once been owned by a Qing Dynasty gentlemen who has mastered the four arts of a scholar: musical instrument, weiqi, calligraphy, painting.

At the time I saw this, it was being offered at JPY490,000

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3 Responses to Go Sighting #22: Qing Dynasty Rosewood Weiqi and Chinese Chess Game Table

  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    I am sure this is a nice piece of equipment. It is well used and aged.
    I still prefer to have light playing background to highlight the black and white stones.
    It is just me.

  2. Tyler says:

    Thank you for posting this! I purchased an old Weiqi table very similar to the one shown in overall design from small shop in Wuhan. Instead of wood carving along the side, mine has mother of pearl inlay on the sides and top. Other than that the tables are incredibly similar (even the whitish filler in the line cuts for the board. Mine is also both weiqi and chinese checkers.

    I have been looking for anything similar in order to appraise mine. Could you tell me where you saw this one? Do you have any suggestions about where I might go in order to learn more about my table?

    Thanks for your help.

    • tchan001 says:

      I saw it at a Japanese auction. Unfortunately it wasn’t sold so I can’t really tell you it’s worth. You probably need to go find a good Chinese antique furniture dealer to get a proper appraisal of your piece.

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