Games of the Sage – Yasui Senchi (2 volumes)

Title: Games of the Sage – Yasui Senchi (2 volumes)
先哲之譜 安井仙知 (上下巻)
Author/Editor: 石心庵
Publisher: unknown
Published: 2002
Format: traditionally bound
Publisher Recommended Price: unknown

Yasui Senchi 安井仙知 (1764-1837) [a.k.a. Yasui Senchi Senkaku 安井仙知仙角, Sakaguchi Senchi, O-Senchi] was the seventh head of the Yasui house from 1780-1814. Being the strongest player of his day without peers, he could have but did not apply for the title of Meijin Godokoro as he then could only play against the Shogun; such was his love of active play. According to the bibliography from the old GoGOD CD, his central influence style “is famously described as 奇正変幻不可端倪 (switching between the orthodox and unorthodox in fathomless ways)”. His style was well noted by Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru and may have had a great influence in the development of their New Fuseki. Perhaps this is why he has been called The Grandfather of Modern Go.

GoGOD also notes that there is a theory that the famous problem set Igo Hatsuyoron may have been compiled by Senchi rather than Inoue Inseki, but there are no explanations how it ended up with the house of Inoue.

It is a wonder why I had previously been unable to find a definitive collection of his games as his style is so famous and so influential. When I finally found this collection, I was so happy to have the chance to own it as I have never heard or seen it before this time.

The present volumes have collected 127 game records total. I’m not sure how many game records of Yasui Senchi are available in the latest GoGOD collection but using an older CD version with their GoLibrary2 software, I counted only 67 game records (all the ones with the text Yasui Senchi less the ones played at his residence by other people).

For those who are curious about the game record shown in the third photo, it is of Senchi vs. Monetsu played on 1809-12-23 which is also the game illustrated on SL in their entry of this great player.

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