#37 Hermes Go Set

Apparently the famous fashion company Hermes made a roll up go set in the year 2000 (D engraving). The mat is leather and I would guess that the stones are made of wood. There are 180 stones of each color.
Not exactly my cup of tea but just an interesting go sighting for those who deem themselves fashionable and rich.

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1 Response to #37 Hermes Go Set

  1. Tom says:

    Not my cuppa coffee either, now I know that I will never buy such a set — thanks for the pics!

    Steffi Hebsacker (of Hebsacker Verlag, the largest Go supplier in Germany) recently used felt to create one or more Go sets; I think this is much better: cheaper, easier to replace, lighter, and not made of dead animals’ skin.

    Regards, Tom

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