Handicap Go Dictionary (Maeda)

Handicap Go Dictionary (Maeda)
Title: Handicap Go Dictionary
Author/Editor: Maeda Nobuaki 前田陳爾
Publisher: Lieyi 理藝
Published: 1995
Format: hardcover
ISBN: 9789578642829
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD300
Proactive Tactics 積極戰法 (9 stones to 2 stones)
Solid Tactics 堅實戰法 (9 stones to 2 stones)
Final Tactics 終極戰法 (9 stones to 2 stones)
Invasion Tactics 打入戰法 (27 problems)
Invasions and How to Respond 打入和應法 (18 problems)
Confusion Tactics and How to Respond 攪亂法和應法 (24 problemss)

This book deals mainly with methods of attacking and setting up attacks locally and globally with an emphasis on utilizing the strength of the star points to help in the battle for the center and in taking care of the wholeboard situation.

This dictionary was originally published by Seibundo Shinkosha in their go dictionary series.
See Seibundo Shinkosha Dictionaries section of SL Dictionaries page

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