Famous Games of the Showa Period (5 volumes)

Series: Famous Games of the Showa Period (5 volumes)
昭和の名局 全5巻揃
Publisher: Nihon Kiin 日本棋院
Published: 1980
Format: Hardcover with cardboard slip

Title: Vol 1 – The Spreading Fire of Shinfuseki edited by Sakata Eio
燃える新布石 坂田栄男 監修
Title: Vol 2 – The Records of an Immortal Struggle edited by Fujisawa Hideyuki
不滅の抗争譜 藤沢秀行 監修
Title: Vol 3 – The Avenue of the Champion edited by Rin Kaiho
覇者への大道 林海峰 監修
Title: Vol 4 – The Time of Young Lions edited by Otake Hideo 
若獅子の時代 大竹英雄 監修
Title: Vol 5 – The Outstanding Heroes Who Reject the Soaring Heavens edited by Ishida Yoshio
天翔ける群雄 石田芳夫 監修 

A famous set with modern pros commenting on games from the Showa Period. About 30 games per book.

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