Weiqi Fan Contesting Series (3 books)

Series: Weiqi Fan Contesting Series
Publisher: Anhui Science and Technology Publishing House 安徽科学技术出版社
Published: 2010

Title: Weiqi Actual Battle Techniques (Revised Edition)
Author/Editor: Yu Gui Cheng 余贵成, Fu Bao Sheng 傅宝胜
ISBN: 9787533737078
Format: softcover
Recommended Publisher Price: RMB26
Ch 1 Basic Skills – Life and Death 基本技法——死活
Ch 2 Basic Tactics 基本战术
Ch 3 Elementary Tesuji and Brilliant Moves 初级手筋与妙手
Ch 4 Popular Contemporary Joseki 现代流行定式
Ch 5 Fuseki Fundamentals and Types 布局要领和布局类型
Ch 6 Elementary Skills in Sacrificing and Settling Weak Groups in Actual Battle Situations 实战中的弃子与治孤初步
Ch 7 The Constantly Changing Middlegame Battles 变幻莫测的中盘战
Ch 8 Plundering and Defending During the Endgame 抢收官子
Appendix: Appreciation of Ancient and Contemporary Games 古今名局鉴赏

Note: There is an older version (2007) of the above book with Recommended Publisher Price of RMB20.

Title: Newest Weiqi Joseki
Author/Editor: Ma Zizheng 馬自正
ISBN: 9787533746629
Format: softcover
Recommended Publisher Price: RMB28
Ch 1: 4-4 Point Joseki 星定式
Ch 2: 3-4 Point Joseki 小目定式
Ch 3: 3-5 Point Joseki 目外定式
Ch 4: 4-5 Point Joseki 高目定式
Ch 5: 3-3 Point Joseki 三三定式

Title: Weiqi Contemporary Fuseki Strategem
Author/Editor: Ma Zizheng 馬自正
ISBN: 9787533746636
Format: softcover
Recommended Publisher Price: RMB22
Part 1 Fuseki Logic 布局原理
  Section 1 Gold Corner, Silver Side, Grass Center 金角银边草肚皮
  Section 2 Differences in the Initial Points of Placement of the Corner 角上落点的区别
    1. 4-4 Point 星
    2. 3-4 Point 小目
    3. 3-3 Point 三三
    4. 3-5 Point 目外
    5. 4-5 Point 高目
  Section 3 Principles in occupying the 3rd and 4th lines 占据三线四线要点
  Section 4 The Appropriate Extension 疏密适当
  Section 5 High and Low Working Together 高低配合
  Section 6 Solid Framework 立体结构
  Section 7 Developing Both Sides 两翼展(张)开
  Section 8 Grasping the Direction of Play 掌握行棋方向
  Section 9 Managing the Order of Sequence 理顺行棋次序
  Section 10 Urgent Points and Big Points 急场和大场
  Section 11 Choice of Joseki 定式的选择
  Section 12 A Few Pointers on Beginner Mistakes 初学者的几点失误
    1. Too Much Emphasis of Corner 护角病
    2. Too Many Two-Space Extensions 拆二病
    3. Not Wanting to Let Opponent have Any Territory 恨空病
    4. Always Looking for a Fight 好战病
    5. Leaving the Main Battlefield Too Early 脱离主要战场病
Part 2 Fuseki Schools of Thought 布局流派
  Section 1 Shusaku Fuseki 秀策流
  Section 2 Parallel Fuseki 平行布局
  Section 3 Diagonal Fuseki 对角布局
  Section 4 Nirensei Fuseki 二连星
  Section 5 Sanrensei Fuseki 三连星
  Section 6 Chinese Fuseki 中国流
  Section 7 Mini-Chinese Fuseki 迷你中国流
  Section 8 Kobayashi Fuseki 小林流

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