Weiqi High Level Amateur Real Battle Skills

Title: Weiqi High Level Amateur Real Battle Skills
Author/Editor: Ma Zizheng 馬自正
Publisher: Anhui Science and Technology Publishing House 安徽科学技术出版社
Published: 2006
ISBN: 9787533735180
Format: softcover
Recommended Publisher Price: RMB16
Preface 绪论
1 Opportunity in Battles 战机
2 The Objective of Attacking 攻击目标
3 Developing a Moyo via a Global Perspective从大局出发围模样
4. Compactness 紧凑
5. Chain of Relationships in Moves 行棋的连贯性
6. Counterattack 反击
7. Timely Invasion 适时打入
8. Tesuji 手筋
9. Tactics for Small Areas 小巧之着
10. The Wonder of Misdirection 虚着之妙
11. Connection and Separation 联络与切断
12. Making Life and Capturing 做活与吃棋
13. Sacrifice 弃子
14. Attack and Defense of Vital Points 攻防要点
15. Two Birds with One Stone 一子二用
16. Attack While Surrounding 攻击兼围空
17. The Difference of One Line 一路之差

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