Weiqi Battle Techniques Series (3 books)

Weiqi Battle Techniques Series
Series: Weiqi Battle Techniques Series (3 books)
Author/Editor: Han Feng 韩凤, Zhang Feng Rong 张凤荣
Publisher: Sichuan Go Art Publishing 蜀蓉棋艺出版社
Published: 2005
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB14 each book
ISBN: 9787805486352 (originally sold as a set of 3)

Title: Life and Death Scheming Strategies
Part 1. Foundation 基础篇 (20 patterns)
Part 2. Death 死之篇 (95 problems)
Part 3. Life 活之篇 (50 problems)
Part 4. Ko 劫活篇 (30 problems)

Title: Go Board Multitude of Splendid Moves
Part 1. Opening Splendid Moves 序盘妙手 (40 problems)
Part 2. Middle game Splendid Moves 中盘妙手 (36 problems)
Part 3. Advance and Attack; Settling Orphans 进攻与治孤 (20 problems)
Part 4. Life and Death Splendid Moves 死活妙手 (20 problems)

Title: Attack and Defence of Urgent Places
Part 1. Attack and Defence – Judgement and Planning 攻防的判断与构思
a) Localized Attack and Defense Vital Points 局部攻防要点 (20 problems)
b) Whole Board Attack and Defense Vital Points 全局攻防要点 (40 problems)
c) How to Discover the Urgent Places in Attack and Defense 如何发现攻防急所 (12 problems)
Part 2. Analysis of the Vital Points of Attack and Defense in Actual Game Situation Examples 攻防要点实战例解析 (20 problems)

These books were intended by the publisher to be sold as a set of 3 but are available at online stores individually.

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