Weiqi Training Series Teaching Material (6 books)

Series: Weiqi Training Series Teaching Material (6 books)围棋培训系列教材
Author/Editor: Wang Ning 王宁
Publisher: Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House 辽宁科学技术出版社
Published: 2007
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB18 each

Title: Joseki and Flying Daggers
ISBN: 9787538144949
Part 1: 4-4 Joseki 星定式
Part 2: 4-3 Joseki 小目定式
Part 3: 5-3 Joseki 目外定式
Part 4: 5-4 Joseki 高目定式、三三定式
Tommie from GD noted the following about “Joseki and Flying Daggers”

here they refer to 飞刀 (flying knives/daggers) when meaning variations which are a bit complicated, but not necessarily hamete. I worked through this, was good for my – limited – Joseki knowledge.

Title: Basic Tesuji
ISBN: 9787538145991
Part 1 Basic Tesuji for Capturing 基本吃子手筋
Part 2 High Level Tesuji for Capturing 高级吃子手筋
 - Golden Chicken Standing on One Foot 金鸡独立 
 - Squeeze 滚打包收
 - Two-stone Edge Squeeze 称砣
 - Under the Stone 倒脱靴
Part 3 Tesuji for Capture Race 对杀手筋
Part 4 Tesuji for Connecting and Separating 连接与切断手筋 
Part 5 Tesuji for Sealing In and Getting Ahead 封锁与出头手筋 
Part 6 Tesuji for Making Shape and Wrecking Shape 整形与破坏棋形手筋

Title: Foundational Life and Death
ISBN: 9787538146011
Part 1 Foundational Life and Death Knowledge 死活基础知识
Part 2 Life and Death and Ko Fight 死活与打劫
Part 3 Techniques for Living 活棋的方法
Part 4 Techniques for Killing Stones 杀棋的方法
Part 5 Classic Life and Death Problems Training 经典死活题训练

Title: Middle Game Tactics
ISBN: 9787538144932
Part 1 Sharp Weapons for Decisive Victory in the Middlegame 中盘决胜的利器 
Part 2 Invasion – Commonly Used Middlegame Technique 1 打入——中盘常用手段之一
Part 3 Reduction – Commonly Used Middlegame Technique 2 侵消——中盘常用手段之二
Part 4 Big Moyo Fighting 大模样作战法
Part 5 The Magic of Sacrifice 弃子的魔术
Part 6 Utilizing Influence 厚势下的强手 
Part 7 Making Positional Judgements 怎样判断形势 

Title: Fuseki Foundations
ISBN: 9787538145465
Part 1 Fuseki Common Knowledge and General Principles 布局常识和一般原则
Part 2 The Usage of Joseki within Fuseki 布局中的定式运用
Part 3 Popular Contemporary Fuseki 现代流行布局

Title: Endgame Techniques
ISBN: 9787538146028
Part 1 Endgame Fundamentals 官子基础
Part 2 Endgame Tesuji 官子手筋 
Part 3 Value of Endgame Plays 官子大小 
Part 4 Wholeboard Endgame Plays 全局官子

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