Honinbo Jowa Complete Games Collection

Title: The Perfected Honinbo Jowa Complete Games Collection
完本本因坊丈和全集 全4巻
Publisher: Seibundo-Shinkosha 誠文堂新光社
Published: 2005 平成17

With 333 games, this set is currently the most complete collection of Honinbo Jowa games available. This set comes inside a thin wooden case. A very rare and expensive collection to obtain. The much easier to obtain Chinese version of Honinbo Jowa’s games only has 274 records.

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2 Responses to Honinbo Jowa Complete Games Collection

  1. bengozen says:

    It looks gorgeous! I would certainly love to acquire it one day if possible!

  2. compilerman says:

    I recently (April 7, 2015) purchased the Japanese version (3 volumes, 274 games), which was probably what the Chinese version used.

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