Go Sighting #35: Shin-Katsura Dovetail Joint Go Board

I’ve been searching for a great travel go board for a while and most of the available options are not to my taste.

– Folding boards with hinges in the middle seem to stick out slightly at the bottom of an opened board making the board not so flat when you are playing.
– Slotted boards are difficult to find and ones which fit together well seem to be even more difficult to find.
– Regular sized table boards are quite cumbersome if you have to carry it everywhere with you.
– Vinyl roll-up boards and magnetic folding boards are not made of wood.

I wanted an elegant solution and finally found a board with a dovetail joint.

This beauty is made in Japan with shin-katsura (spruce?) and the size at about 42.5cm × 45.5cm × 3cm while the weight is around 3kg. The long dovetail joint slides smoothly as you put together or take apart the two pieces. The fit and finish is quite good with the joint line connecting the two pieces barely noticeable. The black lines forming the go grid have a slightly raised feeling so it should provide some wabi-sabi effect similar to what I talked about in my post on my One-piece Kaya Table Goban. I’ve finally found a travel board which I really like.

I bought mine off a Japanese auction and it seems the board is available made with Hiba wood as well as Shin-Katsura.

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3 Responses to Go Sighting #35: Shin-Katsura Dovetail Joint Go Board

  1. Tom says:

    Beautiful thx for sharing.

  2. bengozen says:

    That looks amazing. Hope to get one myself one day!

  3. fullmeta1 says:

    This beauty is made in Japan with shin-katsura (spruce?)

    It’s probably agathis, very nice board. I’ve got myself a hinged 19mm katsura folding board from Aoyama Gobanten, very pleased with it but the dovetail joint looks better. Also, thanks for unlocking your blog to everyone, I’ve clicked many times on your links from 19×19 to no avail…

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