Strategy Dictionary

Strategy Dictionary
Title: Strategy Dictionary
Author/Editor: Segoe Kensaku 瀨越憲作
Publisher: Lieyi 理藝
Published: 1999
Format: hardcover
ISBN: 9789578642652
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD300
Part 1 Handicap Go Sure Win Strategy 讓子棋必勝作戰 (29 studies on H8, H6, H4, and even games with most studies from Black’s perspective)
Part 2 Joseki Q&A 定石問答 (51 problems)
Part 3 The Destructive Power of Invasion 打入的破壞力 (45 problems)
Part 4 The Wonder of Sacrifice 棄子之妙 (15 problems)
Part 5 How to Capture the Key Stones 要子的吃法 (30 problems)

This book covers the tactics and strategies of go

This dictionary was originally published by Seibundo Shinkosha in their go dictionary series.
See Seibundo Shinkosha Dictionaries section of SL Dictionaries page.

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