Ishida Yoshio’s Weiqi Lectures (3 books)

Ishida Yoshio’s Weiqi Lectures.jpg
Series: Ishida Yoshio’s Weiqi Lectures
Author/Editor: Ishida Yoshio 石田芳夫
Publisher: Lieyi 理藝
Published: 2000
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD189 each

Title: Vol 1. Famous Games and Strategy
ISBN 957-9544-90-5
Part 1 Famous Classical Games 古典名局 (7 games)
Part 2 Showa Period Famous Games 昭和名局 (8 games)
Appendix: 5 Games to Appreciate 附錄: 鑑賞五局 (5 games)

Title: Vol 2. Sure Win Handicap Go
ISBN 957-9544-91-3
Part 1 Classical Sure Win Handicap Go 古典必勝讓子棋 (8 games)
Part 2 Showa Period Sure Win Handicap Go 昭和必勝讓子棋 (9 games)
Appendix: Ten Handicap Go Games to Appreciate 附錄: 讓子棋鑑賞十局 (10 games)

Title: Vol 3. Secret Tactics of the Middlegame
ISBN 957-9544092-1
Part 1 Secret Schemes from Ancient Records 古譜秘策 (15 essays)
Part 2 From My Games 我的對局 (14 essays)
Part 3 Appreciating Real Game Situations 實戰鑑賞 (3 games)

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