Go Seigen Complete Weiqi Games Collection (8 volumes)

Series: Go Seigen Complete Weiqi Games Collection (8 volumes)
Author/Editor: Cheng Xiao Liu 程晓流
Publisher: People’s Sports Publishing House 人民体育出版社
Published: 1999
Format: softcover in protective case
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB320 set

Title: Vol 1. 旭日初辉东海天
ISBN 7-5009-1726-0

Title: Vol 2. 擂台逐鹿起风烟
ISBN 7-5009-1727-9

Title: Vol 3. 皓珠度韵新闻谱
ISBN 7-5009-1728-7

Title: Vol 4. 墨玉留香晋段篇
ISBN 7-5009-1729-5

Title: Vol 5. 十局纵横擒虎客
ISBN 7-5009-1730-9

Title: Vol 6. 三番壁垒傲灜贤
ISBN 7-5009-1731-7

Title: Vol 7. 心伤万古名人战
ISBN 7-5009-1732-5

Title: Vol 8. 孤鹜追霞话弈仙
ISBN 7-5009-1733-3

825 games from 1927 to 1971


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1 Response to Go Seigen Complete Weiqi Games Collection (8 volumes)

  1. rtw says:

    I purchased the same set, eight volumes with black book covers.
    It is the second edition, date Sept, 2008.
    From the foreword of the volume, there are 15 new games in the second edition. Total number of games: 840.

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