Endgame Dictionary

Endgame Dictionary
Title: Endgame Dictionary
Author/Editor: Kano Yoshinori 加納嘉德
Publisher: Lieyi 理藝
Published: 1994
Format: hardcover
ISBN: 9789578642737
Publisher Recommended Price: NTD300
Part 1 Recommendation for the Research of the Endgame 研究官子的建議
Part 2 Calculating Endgame Value 官子的計算法
Part 3 Large Endgame Plays and Tesujis 大官子和手筋群相
Part 4 Endgame Tesuji 官子的手筋 (67 patterns)
Part 5 Small Value Endgame Plays and Endgame Plays Which Bring Loss 便宜官子和損官子 (37 Wholeboard problems)
Part 6 Endgame Practice Problems 官子的練習問題 (28 Wholeboard problems)
Part 7 Explanation of Real Game Situation Endgame Play 官子的實戰解說 (Study from 4 games)

The English book “Get Strong at the Endgame” from Kiseido used the 65 problems from parts 5 and 6 of this book with the advice and permission of Kano Yoshinori. Problem 291 of “Get Strong at the Endgame” (problem 25 of Endgame Practice Problems of the Endgame Dictionary) has an answer different from the Asian version as Matthew MacFadyen found a line of play which was more optimal than the original answer and gave Black a win by 1 rather than a draw.

This dictionary was originally published by Seibundo Shinkosha in their go dictionary series.
See Seibundo Shinkosha Dictionaries section of SL Dictionaries page.

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