Go Sighting #31: Meiji Maki-e Go Set with Agate Go Stones

Recently saw a Japanese auction with this wonderful Meiji Era (明治時代) maki-e go set with agate go stones. So gorgeous it would be superfluous for me to further describe with words. Just enjoy these beautiful pictures which I was able to find and share with you all.

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9 Responses to Go Sighting #31: Meiji Maki-e Go Set with Agate Go Stones

  1. Catalin says:

    Just another go treasure. It’s gorgeous. Thank you, Mr Chan. 🙂

  2. rt says:

    The bowls are museum pieces. The pictures are very sharp to show details The bowls have straight walls and not curved walls. This the second time I saw straight wallis bowls.

  3. V says:

    Amazing! Any idea how much it all cost?

  4. tchan001 says:

    It was certainly out of my budget. Unfortunately I can’t remember how much the final bid was.

  5. dracux says:

    Wow, it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Logan says:

    I like those bowls. They look very pretty.

  7. SimpleSy says:

    Amazingly beautiful.
    Is there a reason why the side of that goban is black? ive seen that on a lot of larger ones, but dont understand why?

    • tchan001 says:

      Usually for the gobans I have seen that are painted black on the ends, it is to cover up the signature grain of a wood cut considered inferior by goban connoisseurs.

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