Compendium of Historical Past Masters Game Records (18 volumes)

Title: Compendium of Historical Past Masters Game Records (18 volumes)
Supervised by 監修:
– Sakata Eio 坂田栄男
– Go Seigen 吳清源
– Hashimoto Utaro 橋本宇太郎
– Iwamoto Kaoru 岩本薫
– Karigane Junichi 雁金準一
– Segoe Kensaku 瀬越憲作
Publisher: Seibundo-Shinkosha 誠文堂新光社
Published: 1972
Format: Traditionally bound volumes in traditional packaging
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY60000 if paid in full for set. JPY66000 by installment

Published to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the publisher, Seibundo-Shinkosha, this deluxe limited edition is limited to 1000 sets and is one of the best compendium of game records of 4 historically strong Honinbos.

Honinbo Jowa Complete Collection 3 volumes
本因坊丈和全集 全三巻
270 game records

Honinbo Shuwa Complete Collection 6 Volumes
本因坊秀和全集 全六巻
650 game records

Honinbo Shusaku Complete Collection 4 volumes
本因坊秀策全集 全四巻
360 game records

Honinbo Shuho Complete Collection 5 volumes
本因坊秀甫全集 全五巻
550 game records

The “completeness” of this compendium is as of 1972 and newer versions of “complete collections” would be even more complete with even more game records. If you are interested in just accessing the game records, it’s probably easier for you to buy a database such as GoGoD, but if you want a beautiful physical set, this one is definitely top notch. Although it may be quite difficult to find and expensive to acquire.

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