Go Sighting #30: Honinbo Shuwa Go Bowls and Go Stones

A very interesting set of go bowls and go stones which seems to have belonged to Honinbo Shuwa 本因坊 秀和. The date on the wooden box reads 安政丁巳年三月 which corresponds to around March/April of 1857. You can see the name Shuwa 秀和 carved on the bottom of one of the unusual shaped go bowls. The really interesting part for me is the name on the bottom of the wooden box. It seems the calligraphy inscribed on the wooden box is that of Shuwa’s pupil, Shusaku 秀策.

I was interested in bidding for this at an auction but the price ran away from my budget so I only ended up collecting these pictures for the Go Sighting section of my blog.

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2 Responses to Go Sighting #30: Honinbo Shuwa Go Bowls and Go Stones

  1. awesome!

    do you know where i can find pictures of the go set supposedly favored by Shusaku that is sitting in his museum today?

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