Go Sighting #29: Prospectus for the Establishment of the Nihon Kiin

A set of historical documents from the Taisho era dated Dec 1924 大正十三年十二月 (from the postmark), this letter is a prospectus for the establishment of the Nihon Kiin and a call for new members. The envelope seems to be signed by Honinbo Shusai 本因坊秀哉 on behalf of the newly established Nihon Kiin and addressed to an eye doctor by the name of Tamaru Yotsuchi 田丸 要槌 who lived in Okayama City 岡山市. Dr. Tamaru is probably a bigwig in the Okayama go circles and Honinbo Shusai is inviting him along with his friends to become new members of the Nihon Kiin.

The enclosed documents themselves are a fascinating look at how the Nihon Kiin started and their efforts to increase membership. You can look at important historical figures involved with the establishment of the Nihon Kiin such the patron Baron Okura Kishichiro 大蔵 喜七郎 and Honinbo Shusai 本因坊秀哉. You can also read about what the Nihon Kiin offered it’s membership.

I have scanned the documents below for those who know Japanese and are interested in further studies in this area of Japanese go history. High quality scans of the documents can be accessed by clicking the pictures below. Perhaps someone who knows Japanese might be able to tell us more interesting info about the contents of the documents.

Prospectus [Top]
Invitation to become a member [Bottom Left]
Membership Entitlements and Privileges [Bottom Right]

Another interesting item from my personal collection which I hope you enjoy.

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2 Responses to Go Sighting #29: Prospectus for the Establishment of the Nihon Kiin

  1. Logan says:

    Wow, amazing find! Great job!

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