Igo Shukairoku

Title: Igo Shukairoku (Records of Resolving Go Endgames)
Author: Inoue Genan Inseki 井上幻庵因碩
Published: 1844 天保15年
Igo Shukairoku is a treatise on the endgame written by Inoue Genan Inseki which focuses on endgame counting. The counting method espoused by Genan is deiri counting. The book consists of 155 positions; each with a short comment as to the value of the sequence shown and the sente/gote result.

http://www.gogod.co.uk/NewInGo/NewInGo.htm See #21 [via webarchive]

The full English translation of this book has been available on the GoGoD database CD edition since the Summer 2006 edition. Currently GoGoD database is only available here as a download. Not sure if the full English translation of the book is available with the downloaded version.

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