Honinbo Shuho Complete Games Collection

Series: Shuho Complete Games Collection (3 volumes)
秀甫全集 (全三巻)
Publisher: Shibunkan 斯文館
Published: 1928 昭3

Vol 1 – 104 games from Sep 1853 (嘉永六年一月) to Sept 1859 (安政六年九月)
Vol 2 – 88 games from Oct 1859 (安政六年九月) to Dec 1880 (明治十三年十二月)
Vol 3 – 111 games from Jan 1881 (明治十四年一月) to Oct 1893 (明治十九年十月)
Total 303 games

This is probably the first published edition of the complete games of Honinbo Shuho.


Series: The Perfected Honinbo Shuho Complete Games Collection
完本 本因坊秀甫全集 (全7巻)
Publisher: Seibundo-Shinkosha 誠文堂新光社
Published: 2006 平成18
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY85,000

Vol 1 – Game No. 1-77 from Apr 1848 (嘉永元年四月) to Sep 1856 (安政三年八月)
Vol 2 – Game No. 78-148 from Oct 1856 (安政三年九月) to Feb 1858 (安政四年十二月)
Vol 3 – Game No. 149-226 from Apr 1858 (安政五年二月) to June 1860 (万延元年五月)
Vol 4 – Game No. 227-298 from June 1860 (万延元年五月) to Aug 1863 (文久三年七月)
Vol 5 – Game No. 299-378 from Aug 1863 (文久三年七月) to Oct 1879 (明治十二年十月)
Vol 6 – Game No. 379-453 from Dec 1879 (明治十二年十二月) to Jan 1883 (明治十六年正月)
Vol 7 – Game No. 454-530 Jan 1883 (明治十六年一月) to Oct 1893 (明治十九年十月)

With 530 games, this set is currently the most complete collection of Honinbo Shuho games available. This set comes inside a thin wooden case but my case was broken when I got it so I don’t have a photo of it here. A very rare and expensive collection to obtain.


To my knowledge, there are 6 published editions of the “Complete games” of Honinbo Shuho.

秀甫全集 昭和3 (3 volumes published 1928) shown in this post
秀甫全集 昭和8 (3 volumes published 1933)
秀甫全集 昭和17 (3 volumes published 1942)
本因坊秀甫全集 昭和38 (3 volumes published 1963)
本因坊秀甫全集 昭和44 (5 volumes published 1969) This edition is supposed to have 470 games with 1 game duplicated (so really 469 games)
完本 本因坊秀甫全集 平成18 (7 volumes published 2006) shown in this post

There was once an edition advertised for sale at Schaak-en Gowinkel het Paard in their Go Collector’s Items. This edition is probably the 3 volume set published in 1963.

5. Complete games of Shuho.
3 volumes, in traditional style. Diagrams in western numbers.
Price 560 euro.

[Schaak-en Gowinkel het Paard online shop is now known as Goshop Keima]

The Chinese edition “Honinbo Shuho – Complete Game Collection” is supposed to only have 316 games and is probably based on one of the first three editions.

The Jul 2011 edition of GoGoD has 478 games. You can find the latest GoGoD database available here. This is probably the easiest source to buy for most of Shuho’s games.


A special gift for my readers (save the following as an sgf file)

(;GM[1]FF[4]AP[Drago:3.10]SZ[19]CA[UTF-8]PB[Murase Yakichi ]US[tchan001]SO[The Perfected Honinbo Shuho Complete Game Collection]GC[This sgf was transcribed by tchan001 from his personal copy of “The Perfected Honinbo Shuho Complete Game Collection” published 2006 by Seibundo-Shinkosha. This is my gift to the go community and may be used freely for any private or commercial go database provided there is acknowledgement of thanks to the transcriber (tchan001) and the sgf remains unchanged.]PW[Honinbo Shuwa]DT[1848-05-09 (Kaei 1 4 7)]RE[B+13 {moves beyond 154 not known}]AB[dd][pd][dp][pp]WR[8 dan]BR[(11 years old)];W[cn];B[gq];W[dg];B[fd];W[nc];B[nd];W[md];B[ne];W[ob];B[pb]

A 4-stone handicap game between the then 11-year-old Murase Yakichi and Honinbo Shuwa [8 dan] played 1848 May 9th (嘉永元戊申年四月七日).

This is my gift to the go community. I personally transcribed it from my copy of “The Perfected Honinbo Shuho Complete Game Collection” published 2006 by Seibundo-Shinkosha. You may use it freely in any private or commercial go database provided you acknowledge thanks to me and you leave the sgf unchanged.

This game record is on the Jul 2011 version of GoGoD with the date as Kaei 4 IV 7 rather than as Kaei 1 IV 7 as presented in the book here.

I will only be transcribing this one game from this set of books. Please do not ask for the rest. One of the main value of buying this expensive set of books is that the new records are not readily available anywhere else. So until one of the commercial go database providers is able to buy their own copy of the book set and transcribe the games missing from their collection, such is the status quo.

A brief introduction that went with the game in the book regarding how they found it. If you need more information on this game record, you’d need to contact Fukui Masaaki 9p himself as I have quoted everything shown in the book regarding the origin of this game record.


The game was discovered in a copy of a book found in Kobe. Fukui Masaaki 9p believes the book was written/published around 1851. Unfortunately this original copy was destroyed in the Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995).

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