Honinbo Shuei Complete Games Collection

Title: Shuei Complete Games Collection [2 volumes (male/female)]
秀栄全集 (乾坤二巻)
Edited by 編輯者: 
Honinbo Shusai 本因坊秀哉 (main editor)
Nakagawa Kamesaburo 中川龜三郎
Karigame Junichi 雁金準一 
Ito Kotaro 伊藤小太郎 
Hirose Heijiro 広瀬平治郎
Iwasa Kei 岩佐銈
Publisher: Ono Banzaikan 大野萬歲館
Published: 1911 (1912 reprint) 明治四十四年/大正壹年再版

This is the first collection of Honinbo Shuei’s complete games. There are 256 games in this edition.
My copy is the reprinted 1912 version of the first edition.

Title: The Perfected Honinbo Shuei Complete Games Collection
完本 本因坊秀栄全集 (全4巻)
Publisher: Seibundo-Shinkosha 誠文堂新光社
Published: 2007 平成19
Publisher Recommended Price: JPY55,000

Vol 1 – Game No. 1-79 from March 1866 (慶応二年一月) to Dec 1876 (明治九年十二月)
Vol 2 – Game No. 80-157 from Dec 1876 (明治九年十二月) to Oct 1893 (明治二十六年十月)
Vol 3 – Game No. 158-222 from Nov 1893 (明治二十六年十一月) to Oct 1898 (明治三十一年十月)
Vol 4 – Game No. 223-292 from Oct 1898 (明治三十一年十月) to Apr 1906 (明治三十九年四月)

With 292 games, this set is currently the most complete collection of Honinbo Shuei games available. This set comes inside a thin wooden case but my case was broken when I got it so I don’t have a photo of it here. A very rare and expensive collection to obtain.


To my knowlege, there are 5 published editions of the “Complete games” of Honinbo Shuei.

秀栄全集 明治44 (2 volumes published 1911) 1912 reprint shown in this post. 256 games
秀栄全集 大正11 (2 volumes published 1922) Basically follows the first edition
秀栄全集 昭和8 (4 volumes published 1933) 261 games
本因坊秀栄全集 昭和52 (3 volumes published 1977) 278 games
完本 本因坊秀甫全集 平成18 (4 volumes published 2007) shown in this post. 292 games

There was once an edition being advertised for sale at Schaak-en Gowinkel het Paard in their Go Collector’s Items. This edition is probably the 4 volume set published in 1933.
2. Complete games of Shuei
4 volumes, traditional printing/binding, diagrams with Japanese numbers, in original, but damaged box. 
Price 800 euro.

[Schaak-en Gowinkel het Paard online shop is now known as Goshop Keima]

The July 2011 CD edition of GoGoD has 285 games. You can find the latest GoGoD database available here. This is probably the easiest source to buy for most of Shuei’s games.

The Chinese edition “Honinbo Shuei – Complete Game Collection” has 277 games.

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2 Responses to Honinbo Shuei Complete Games Collection

  1. Gokifu says:

    Amazing 🙂 You collected so many books,with kifu/qipu(棋谱) 🙂

  2. Nate Eagle says:

    Oh my sweet heavens these books are beautiful.

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