The World of Shuko (6 books)

The World of Shuko
Series: The World of Shuko (6 books)
Author/Editor: Fujisawa Hideyuki 藤沢秀行
Publisher: Sichuan Go Art Publishing 蜀蓉棋艺出版社
Published: 2000
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB10 each book

Title: Opportunities During Decisive Battles
ISBN: 9787805486598
Ch 1. The Opportunities During Decisive Battles
Ch 2. Combat with Probes
Ch 3. The Effects of Taking Sente

Title: Initiative in the Center Region
ISBN: 9787805486475
Ch 1. The Cut Needs to be Damaging
Ch 2. Grasp the Tone of the Game
Ch 3. Building the Territorial Framework

Title: Seize the Favorable Opportunities
ISBN: 9787805486604
Ch 1. Get Ahead By Attacking
Ch 2. Get Ahead By Resorting to Speed
Ch 3. Get Ahead By Managing Isolated Weak Groups

Title: Joseki in Length and Breadth
ISBN: 9787805486505
Ch 1, Joseki in the Midst of Fuseki
Ch 2. Joseki in Middle Game Combat
Ch 3. Free Form Joseki? (不枸泥于定式)

Title: Considering Balance
ISBN: 9787805486468
Ch 1. Expensive Soldiers Godly Speed
Ch 2. The Meaning Behind Basic Moves
Ch 3. The Perception of Balance

Title: Simply Thinking
ISBN: 9787805486628
Ch 1. Proper Joseki
Ch 2. Good and Bad Shapes
Ch 3. The Perception of Combat

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