The Creations of Shuko (6 books)

The Creations of Shuko
Series: The Creation of Shuko (6 books)
Author/Editor: Fujisawa Hideyuki 藤沢秀行
Publisher: Sichuan Go Art Publishing 蜀蓉棋艺出版社
Published: 1998-1999
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB9.50 each book

Title: After Joseki
ISBN: 9787805486086
Ch 1. Using Joseki
Ch 2. Choice of Joseki
Ch 3. What to do After Joseki

Title: Go Shapes
ISBN: 9787805486208
Ch 1. Joseki and Go Shapes in the Corner
Ch 2. Shapes for Defense
Ch 3. Shapes for Attack

Title: Vital Points of the Whole Game
ISBN: 9787805486215
Ch 1. Big Areas and Urgent Places
Ch 2. Points You Must Fight Over
Ch 3. The Direction of Play

Title: Attack and Defense
ISBN: 9787805486192
Ch 1. The Direction of Combat
Ch 2. Grasp Opportunities in Combat
Ch 3. Urgent Places in Attack and Defense

Title: From Fuseki to Middle Game
ISBN: 9787805486130
Ch 1. From Fuseki to Middle Game
Ch 2. Attack and Defense of Territorial Framework
Ch 3. Move into the Center

Title: Blueprint for Combat
ISBN: 9787805486185
Ch 1. The Direction of Combat
Ch 2. Urgent Places in Combat
Ch 3. Attack and Defense

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