Yi Chang-ho 21st Century Weiqi Topical Lecture Series (10 books)

Yi Chang-ho 21st Century Weiqi Topical Lecture Series
Series: Yi Chang-ho 21st Century Weiqi Topical Lecture Series (10 books)
Author/Editor: Yi Chang-ho
Publisher: Qingdao Publishing House 青岛出版社
Published: 2011
Format: softcover
Publisher Recommended Price: RMB29 each

Title: Vol 1: Fuseki Strategy 布局谋略
ISBN: 9787543671553
60 problems

Title: Vol 2: Real Game Joseki 实战定式
ISBN: 9787543671560
Part 1: Start Point Joseki 星定式 (110 joseki)
Part 2: 3-4 Point Joseki plus others 小目定式及其他 (96 joseki)

Title: Vol 3: Haengma 行棋步法
ISBN: 9787543671577
Part 1: Haengma Tesuji 行棋的手筋 (120 problems)
Part 2: Vital Points of Haengma 行棋的急所 (102 problems)

Title: Vol 4: Middlegame Tactics 中盘战术
ISBN: 9787543671584
Part 1: Stealing the Base 搜根 (48 problems)
Part 2: Capture Race 对杀 (50 problems)
Part 3: Attacking Strategies and Tactics 攻击的战略战术 (20 problems)
Part 4: Invasion and Reduction 打入和侵消 (14 problems)
Part 5: Real Game Middlegame Tactics 实战中盘战术 (24 problems)

Title: Vol 5: Endgame Techniques 官子技巧
ISBN: 9787543671591
216 problems

Title: Vol 6: Cracking Hamete 破解骗着
ISBN: 9787543671607
Part 1: Star point section 星位篇(90 hamete)
Part 2: 3-4 point section 小目篇 (52 hamete)
Part 3: 3-5 point and 4-5 point section 目外。高目篇 (36 hamete)
(The table of content for part 3 actually says 目外。小目篇 but this is incorrect compared with the material in the section.)

Title: Vol 7: Challenging Life and Death 挑战死活
ISBN: 9787543671614
Part 1: Life 活 (110 problems)
Part 2: Death 死 (112 problems)

Title: Vol 8: Analysis of Brilliant Moves (miaoshou) 妙手解析
ISBN: 9787543671621
Part 1: Life 活 (100 problems)
Part 2: Death 死 (106 problems)

Title: Vol 9: Tesuji Collection 手筋集锦
ISBN: 9787543671638
Part 1: Elementary Level Tesuji 初级手筋 (120 problems)
Part 2: Intermediate Level Tesuji 中级手筋 (102 problems)

Title: Vol 10: The Winning Blow 制胜一击
ISBN: 9787543671645
220 problems

This set of books was originally published in hardcover in Korean in 2007. The Korean set is rated by Schaak- en Gowinkel het Paard as suitable for 5 kyu to 4 dan.

The Chinese edition shown here is much cheaper.

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5 Responses to Yi Chang-ho 21st Century Weiqi Topical Lecture Series (10 books)

  1. Joel says:

    Do you know, by any chance, if these have been translated into Japanese?

    • tchan001 says:

      I have no idea if they are available in Japanese yet. But I can say that if they were translated into Japanese, they would be quite a bit more expensive compared with the Chinese versions.

      • Joel says:

        Thanks for the quick response. I’ll guess I’ll have to keep my eyes out for the Japanese translation to show up on Amazon.co.jp

        (btw, those chinese book prices are insane! so jealous)

  2. Logan says:

    Do you know if these books were ghost written again like his 6-vol. life & death and tesuji series?

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